polyethylene foam acoustic insulation

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polyethylene foam acoustic insulation

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Sonder ZipLag: Pipe Insulation Lagging

Sondor pipe insulation lagging is manufactured from non cross-linked flexible expanded polyethylene with a quick locking system, and is used for pipe insulation in hot and cold liquid applications.

Sonder | Buoyancy Foams

Sondor manufacture and supply cross-linked closed cell expanded Polyethylene (SPX) and cross-linked closed cell expanded SVA in various densities for numerous floatation and buoyancy applications. Buoyancy sheeting / blocks (SPX). Excellent buoyancy characteristics – able to support approximately 1000 Kg/m3.

Sonder | Open and Closed Cell Performance Foams

The leading manufacturer and converter of open and closed cell performance foams and related products to all industries needing technical solutions for sealing, thermal & acoustic insulation, protection, packaging and buoyancy applications in local and selected export markets.

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