Cape Town Timber Company (Rumpus cc T/A)
Cape Town Timbers is a well-established, fully equipped machine shop with experienced and dedicated personnel.
AC Shopfitters (Doors) (Pty) Ltd
Manufactures general joinery, timber doors, door frames, windows and mouldings out of the most suitable hardwoods, including Meranti, Kiaat, Merbau, Iroko, Oak and Cherrywood.
Raiel (Pty) Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of handles, knobs, mouldings, cabinet organisers, legs, decorative surfaces and cabinet hardware to the cabinet and furniture industries.
Frascada Projects cc
A manufacturing organisation which produces custom-made lightweight profiles strengthened with a unique weatherproof covering called decolite.
News & Product Highlights
today17 Mar 2016
verified_userFrascada Projects cc

Measuring up has never been easier

STANLEY provides top of the range measuring tools that are perfectly suited for a diverse array of uses for the DIY enthusiast, interior designer and decorator, estate agent and even architect. Two innovative STANLEY lasers have recently been launched in South Africa.
today11 May 2011

A tale of toilets for the disabled….

{nomultithumb} I have to wonder whether architects who design facilities for the disabled have ever considered how their facilities are actually used… As a disabled person myself, I often ponder on this. I know we speak about disabled people being ‘differently abled’ but we don’t have the abilities the architects seem to think we have.
today16 Aug 2011

Award-winning skate boarding parks showcase concrete versatility

Competitors need the creativity and toughness that the grey material is renowned for to reach the top, writes Jan de Beer. In South Africa, skate boards are generally still regarded as Christmas gifts for young children. But in many overseas countries it is a spectacular, high-flying sport that even has its own World Cup. And in the ghettoes of the world, skate boarding has been a blessing: a major positive outlet for young people whose energies might otherwise have been channeled into crime.