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RoofSeal Datasheet | Roof Waterproofing | Cemcrete

The RoofSeal Acrylic system embraces a primer/bonding coat, an impregnating RoofSeal coat, a very tough spun bonded polyester membrane, a second impregnating RoofSeal coat and, when all work is dry (minimum 3 days), a final RoofSeal coat. RoofSeal is waterproof, very durable and ultra-violet light resistant.

Seaqual VitylDrain 2nd Fix Packs: Technical Data Sheet

The VitylDrain 2nd Fix Pack is installed during the “finishing” phase of construction. It comprises a large waterproofing flange, a vityl screw down insert & an ABS plastic grate. This product needs to be specified together with a VitylDrain 1st fix in order to make up a complete drainage unit. This is only the top half of a floor drain. The Vinyl flooring adheres directly onto the waterproofing flange to create a permanent water seal. VitylDrain 2nd Fix is only compatible with VitylDrain 1st fix and must not be used with any other Seaqual 1st fix pack.

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