a.b.e® Construction Chemicals
a.b.e. manufactures waterproofing, flooring, specialised adhesives, silicone and sealants, concrete repair products, general construction products, and polyurea high performance system coatings for the building and construction industries.
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Manufacturers of Distinctive Decorative Coatings
Since 1973 Cemcrete has developed a range of cement-based products that can truly claim to be the best that Africa has to offer.
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CHRYSO Southern Africa manufactures, sells and distributes admixtures and cement additives that service the mining, ready-mix, precast, new construction, gypsum and cement industries.
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A.Shak (Pty) Ltd
A.Shak is focused firmly on its core business, manufacturing and supplying building industry chemicals.
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Chryso® Dry-Cast Concete

CHRYSO gives you all the support and guidance for improving your concrete formulations, as well as choosing the admixture best geared towards your needs.
today23 Jun 2017
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Application: Roof Tiles

Savings on your concrete formulation and manufacturing costs, Improved production output, More consistent and durable product and Superior finishes.
News & Product Highlights
today12 May 2014
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Mould release agents for specific applications

Chryso South Africa has launched a new range of ‘application-driven’ mould release agents for the concrete industry, widely welcomed at product launches throughout South Africa.
today17 May 2012

Enviro-friendly mould-release agent for precast products

Chryso SA has introduced a new biodegradable, vegetable-based de-moulding oil – Chryso Dem Aqua 100 – which can be used with all types of formwork, including formwork not usually suited to mineral-based mould release agents.  Unlike many de-moulding oils that are toxic and non-biodegradable and pollute the soil and groundwater when the formwork is washed or rainwater runs down it, Chryso Dem Aqua 100 will not contaminate the environment. Tests from a certified laboratory have shown that Chryso Dem Aqua 100 has an ultimate biodegradability above 60% at 28 days. 
today21 Oct 2013

Concrete cabins on the road

Rocla commenced local manufacture of specialised concrete cabins in July, destined for local photovoltaic (PV) farms. As at the end of August 2013 they have delivered 23 units to PV farm clients.  The concrete cabins are earmarked for two sites, with each site requiring 64 concrete cabins. Completion of delivery is due by end January 2014.