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Lightweight Steel | Trusses, Walls, Panels and Floors

Clotan Steel Lightweight Steel for trusses, walls, panels and floors. Trusses and framing are considered to be critical to ensuring the security, value and service life of a building. Light gauge steel is fast becoming the preferred alternative to the traditional building materials such as bricks, mortar and timber in the construction industry, not only because of its superior properties but also because it is more affordable.

Politerm Blu: Lightweight Thermal Insulating Mortar

EPS beads which are treated with a chemical additive to enable the production of lightweight, thermal insulation mortars of various densities. Applications include thermal insulation mortar for concrete roof decks, underground floor slabs, basement walls, swimming pools etc, lightweight filler for voids or levelling of floor slabs, cavity fill for steel frame construction…

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