News & Product Highlights
today28 Jan 2011

New laser measuring tools for accuracy on site

The new GPL 5 Professional five-point laser level from Bosch is a compact measuring tool ideal for levelling and for checking and transferring plumb points and right angles easily and quickly. The GPL 5 Professional projects five perpendicular, strongly focused laser light beams: three in the horizontal direction and two in the vertical direction. The points of light are clearly visible both indoors and out, even at distances of more than 30m.
today25 Apr 2016

Mayday Equipment reintroduces Rubi tile cutting systems to market

The Rubi brand of manual and electric tile cutters, and ancillary tooling and accessories, has been re-introduced to the southern African market by construction equipment supplier, Mayday Equipment. Known for sourcing high quality product that meets industry needs, Mayday Equipment has been appointed as the official distributor for the Rubi range of tile cutting systems and accessories. Managing director, Nina Mason, says that products range from tiling spacers to applicators to cutters of every shape possible.
today15 Feb 2010

High sensitivity smoke detectors

So-called ‘aspiring’ smoke detection devices are air sampling smoke detectors that are designed to provide the earliest warning of a potential fire and so to provide enhanced safety in diverse applications. Vesda aspiring smoke detectors reliably measure extremely low concentrations of smoke. They are used in warehousing, telecommunications and electrical facilities, mining, cold storage, manufacturing plants and power stations, as well as the healthcare and commercial sectors. The system is especially well suited to applications where unobtrusive detection is required, in art galleries, for example, modern offices and heritage buildings.