Aluminium Construction Systems
Octanorm offers exhibition construction, interior finishes, clean room systems, presentation systems and project solutions.
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The SA Incinerator Company manufactures incinerators and is a major supplier throught South Africa and neighbouring countries.
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Steinel Professional - the specialist in sensor systems, sensor-switched lighting & heat tools. Since 1959 registered more than 300 patents.
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Solent Ceiling Fans
A Breath of Fresh Air
Solent are the leading importer, manufacturer and distributor of ceiling fans. Select your style of ceiling fan, accessories and finishes.
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today23 Jun 2017

Voltex Industrial Lighting, Lamps and Accessories

Voltex’s industrial lighting catalogue includes information on aviation and site warning lights, high bays, LED street lights, VML mine lights, explosion proof luminaires, vapour and tamper proof luminaires, fluorescent channels, bulkheads, floodlights, solar sensor security floodlights, street light and mounting poles, decorative commercial luminaires, exit and emergency lights, sensors, LED and fluorescent tubes, LED and conventional lamps…
today14 Feb 2018

Voltex Electrical, Lighting, Industrial & Cable Product Profile

This profile includes information on power distribution, cable and wiring, general electrical products, lighting, specialised products, accessories and consumables…
today29 Oct 2018
verified_userGlobal Roofing Solutions

GRS PV Clamps

Global Roofing PV Clamps including: Klip-Tite, Klip-Lok, Brownbuilt, Zip-Tek
today23 Jun 2017

Voltex LED Lifestyle Catalogue

The LED Lifestyle Catalogue includes the general indoor and outdoor LED range, lamps and tubes and their Professional range for commercial use including street and area lighting…
today29 Oct 2018

Overhead Line Equipment Catalogue 2018

Aerial Bundle Conductor / Airdac fittings and accessories, silicone longrod insulators, standoff insulator, raptor protector, capped line post insulators, guy stain rod, shackle insulator, shackle insulator D-Bracket, surge arrestors, standard type cutouts, link bracket, earth spike, earth clamp, conductive cement, fuse links, LV Fuse Switch Bracket, LV FUse Switch 160A, NH00 fuses, split meater ready board, split meter pole box, pre-formed wire products, overhead steel hardware, aluminium alloy ? die-cast fittings, clamps, wooden creosote treated crossarms, lugs, ferrules and TEE connectors, tools and accessories, house connections, distribution transformers, Airdac®,
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today9 Jul 2012

Increasing options in LED lighting

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce energy consumption in buildings is to replace incandescent lamps with more energy-efficient solutions. However, some energy-efficient lamps contain mercury, which is dangerous to the environment, and they have a relatively short lifespan. For this and other reasons, the more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly light emitting diode (LED) technology is poised to replace conventional lighting technologies in both residential and commercial spaces.  Verbatim is at the cutting edge of LED technology and has recently announced a range of super-efficient LED lamps designed to replace conventional bulbs. They are easy to retro-fit into existing fixtures. South African distributor, Drive Control Corporation (DCC), will be stocking and distributing this innovative new range. 
today1 Feb 2012

Efficient, eco-friendly LED technology - the future of green lighting

Improving energy efficiency and reducing consumption is a growing concern in South Africa, driven not only by dramatically increased utility costs but also by a global trend towards environmental consciousness. Lighting is one area that consumes a large amount of electricity. Compact fluorescent light bulbs have become increasingly popular because they offer improved energy efficiency. However, due to environmental concerns around these lamps, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps are beginning to come to the fore as the most eco-friendly, energy efficient solution for lighting. Lighting is undeniably an area for improvement when it comes to optimising energy consumption, as up to 50% of industrial and 25% of home power usage can be attributed to this. As a result, one of the easiest ways to lessen energy consumption and reduce carbon footprints, both in homes and commercial spaces, is to switch out standard light bulbs for more efficient, lower consumption lamps.
today1 Apr 2014

Best practice for mounting rooftop equipment on standing seam roofs

Standing-seam metal roofing offers a durable and sustainable alternative to other roofing types – and can provide low-maintenance service for 5 to 10 decades. Sadly, this exceptional lifespan is often sabotaged during the mounting of essential rooftop equipment.
today12 Aug 2013

Philips LED lamps still at 100% after 25 000 hours

Two hundred Philips LED lamps that have been running continuously for 25 000 hours (nearly three years), are still operating at 100 per cent lumen output, according to tests conducted for the US Department of Energy (DoE).
today25 Mar 2019

Decorex Cape Town Reveals the 2019 Trends to Light Up Any Space

Decorex Cape Town Reveals the 2019 Trends to Light Up Any Space. Element that ties the room together - lighting.