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EuroDrain Technology (Pty) Ltd is a premium supplier of innovative products in the field of drainage, waste and waste water treatment technology.
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Oil/Fuel Separators

KESSEL’S range of oil/fuel separators and coalescence separators.
today23 Jun 2017
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KESSEL Polyethylene Grease Separators

The complete range of grease separator systems for free-standing installation in frost-protected rooms or for underground installation. The KESSEL grease separator based on Euro-Norm EN 1825 consists of a grease separation chamber with an integrated sludge trap located at the bottom. Following the separator is a sampling chamber…
today23 Jun 2017
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KESSEL Light Liquid Separators

KESSEL’s range of light liquid separators has the following benefits: fracture resistant and absolute imperviousness, long service life, fast and simple installation and the upper section is height adjustable, rotatable and tiltable. Coalescence separator and oil / fuel separator.
today23 Jun 2017
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Product Catalogue: Individual Solutions

Today’s modern commercial construction projects as well as private homes and building developments often require customised drainage solutions not available on an every day basis. It is this exact market that the KESSEL Custom Solutions Department is designed to support. The broad as well as in-depth experience of our department allows KESSEL to offer these customised solutions for products such as grease separators, lifting stations, backwater valves, inspection chambers and floor drains.
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today10 Apr 2018
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When to use a grease separator?

KESSEL grease separators can be fitted with the SonicControl which offers real time monitoring and data transfer of grease layer thickness, temperature measurement, 230V 50 Hz power connection, rechargeable battery backup and a BMS connection (Building Management System).
today7 Sep 2016
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KESSEL grease separator systems from EuroDrain Technology

KESSEL’s complete range of grease separator systems for free-standing installation in frost-protected rooms or for underground installation is available from EuroDrain Technology in South Africa.  
today24 Feb 2016
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Grease separators for self-disposal

Separators for self-disposal, such as the KESSEL SE-Premium grease separator, available from Eurodrain in South Africa, work according to the principle of gravity. 
today27 Nov 2018
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Oil and fuel separators protect our groundwater

Oil and fuel separators essential for removing petrol and oil from wastewater before being released into the sewer system. EDT Eurodrain offers an extensive range of innovative KESSEL polyethylene separators for different areas of application and wastewater quantities.
today5 Jul 2018
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KESSEL’s solutions for petrol stations

Oil and coalescence separators are required where light liquids occur. This is usually at petrol and gas stations, car washes, vehicle repair garages and similar installations. KESSEL EasyOil separators are available from Eurodrain in South Africa.
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today8 Nov 2018

Installation Video

It's easier than you think.
today10 May 2016

Aqualift F Basic and Minilift F

The economic solution for domestic wastewater disposal The Aqualift F Basic lifting station is the latest model in our quality lifting station series.
today12 Jan 2015

Ecolift XL

Constant running of standard lifting station even with gravity sloped drainage? The Pumpfix and Ecolift XL hybrid lifting stations offer safe and reliable protection against backwater and come into service only when necessary - during backwater.
today27 Jan 2014

Installation Scada Wall Drain

Quick and easy installation of a Scada wall drain by using an KESSEL installation board.
today28 Apr 2011

KESSEL SonicControl

Level sensing system with ultra sonic sensor for grease separators.