Africa Thermal Insulations
Thermal Insulation
Manufactures, sells, markets and distributes building insulation products throughout Southern Africa.
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Sondor Performance Foams are manufacturers of industrial foams backed by 70 years of industry experience. Stock a variety of products for construction.
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Alucushion Thermal Insulation
Reflective thermal insulation products
Alucushion is a multi-purpose insulation material used in factories, warehouses, shopping centres, schools, residential buildings and affordable housing. Reflective thermal insulation products.
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Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association SA
Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association SA is a non-profit company that consists of manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and consultants in the South African Thermal Insulation Industry.
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Alucushion® FR | Bubblefoil®

Thermal Roof Insulation, Bubblefoil
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Sonder | BubbleWrap T110: Protective Packaging

A two layer film Polyethylene bubble material manufactured from virgin low density Polyethylene (LDPE). BubbleWrap T110 has good shock absorption characteristics, good insulating properties, the closed cell structure ensures dust, water and wind resistance, non toxic…
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Sonder | Aerothene & BubbleWrap: Laminations

Protective packaging made from either Aerothene or BubbleWrap T110, which can be laminated onto a number of materials. Protective packaging in the following industries: furniture, agriculture, automotive, construction and roofing, pharmaceutical, glassware, electronics etc.
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Sonder | Aerothene & Bubblewrap: Agricultural Protective Packaging

Agricultural protective packaging made from either Aerothene or BubbleWrap T110, which can be laminated onto a number of materials. LDPE raw material used in manufacture is chemically unreactive and non-irritant, regarded as biology inert and fully recyclable.
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Alulite® Domestic Insulation: Product Data Sheet

Alulite® is an excellent radiant barrier for downward heat flow (summer) and a moderate barrier for upward heat flow due to the trap air bubbles (winter), simple to use and cost effective. This product is manufactured using a modern sophisticated continuous laminating process which create a layer of low density Polyethylene air cells laminated on both sides with foil. Alulite® has been developed for the domestic market and therefore it is easy to install, prevents dust penetration into the attic space and also acts as a waterproof membrane…
News & Product Highlight
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ATI – Africa Thermal Insulations at Interbuild Africa 2012

Africa Thermal Insulations (ATI) specialises in thermal insulation products that meet the recently updated building regulations, as required for proof of compliance and occupancy certificates.  In the past, the decision on whether to include roofing insulation or not was most often left to the architect or owner of a building. It was an optional choice and insulation was often excluded, viewed as an unnecessary expense. However, with the recently legislated new building regulations, it is now essential for builders and roofing specialists to highlight to customers the need for effective insulation – not only for the benefit of reduced energy bills but also to meet specific industry standards and obtain the required compliance and occupancy certificates.