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South Africa’s major brick maker, Corobrik manufactures a wide range of clay face bricks, non-face bricks and clay pavers, the company has distribution outlets throughout the country and sells any quantity from an individual purchasing a few hundred bricks through to large corporates requiring millions of bricks to be delivered to sites meeting tight deadlines.
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PowerPlastics Pool Covers are South Africa's oldest specialist manufacturer of pool covers.
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today29 Feb 2012
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Here I am, please use me

{nomultithumb} On Thursday the 23rd of February, Dr Martin van Veelen was inaugurated as the 110th President of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE). 
today23 May 2011

The SAICE Infrastructure Report Card 2011

The SAICE Infrastructure Report Card for South Africa 2011 (IRC), the second of its kind, was released in April by the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE). It provides a valuable reference for continuing development in the built environment and to focus government’s budgeted infrastructure spend. The IRC 2011 rates the overall condition of our national infrastructure at C-. This it classifies as “satisfactory for now”, although stressed at peak periods and in need of investment in the current medium-term expenditure framework period to avoid serious deficiencies.
today8 Nov 2017

Sharp contraction in construction activity in the second quarter of 2017

The Bryte SA Construction Activity Monitor reports that the construction contribution to GDP shrinks in the second quarter of 2017, together with a sharp contraction in construction activity.
today15 Mar 2011

Jobs for engineers?

Following government’s introduction of its New Growth Path in November last year, the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) expressed its surprise at the announcement, made within the context of the drive to create jobs, that the country needed to produce 30 000 additional engineers by 2014.
today24 Jul 2012

Building Confidence Increases Marginally but the Immediate Outlook Remains Challenging

Building confidence amongst building contractors, manufacturers of building materials and quantity surveyors has increased marginally. However the immediate outlook for the South African construction industry remains challenging.  Even though some companies are reflecting a steady growth in orders, the industry is still hurting from a three-year battle between companies competing to win work for low-priced projects. The increased supply of construction workers, and a lack of demand for construction projects, has resulted in increasing competition between firms. Margins are being squeezed to almost zero.