Renu specializes in sustainable & renewable energy solutions. Suppliers of solar water heating, heat pumps, solar power, lighting & water harvesting.
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BWT – For You and Planet Blue. – expresses our mission of developing environmentally friendly and economic water treatment products and services.
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Kaytech Engineered Fabrics
Engineered Fabrics
Kaytech Engineered Fabrics are suppliers and manufactures of geosynthetics and geotextiles in the civil engineering industry.
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Prentec (Pty) Ltd
Prentec is a totally indigenous South African company providing consulting and contracting engineering services in the field of water, sewage and industrial effluent treatment.
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verified_userEDT Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater treatment is performed by three subsequent treatment stages. The effluent from domestic, agricultural or industrial sources passes a preliminary treatment step where solids are separated out and chemical treatment is applied if necessary. The secondary treatment consists of Biological Disks and Lamella Separators are used for final clarification step. Optional advanced treatment can be applied.
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today8 Mar 2011

Wastewater monitor for cleaner industrial discharge

Procon Environmental Technologies has introduced a new fluorescence-based hydrocarbon water-monitoring system for industrial applications to the South African market. The Turner Designs Hydrocarbon water monitor is being imported from the USA to assist industries in keeping track of the hydrocarbon content of wastewater being discharged into the environment.
today2 Oct 2018
verified_userEDT Water Treatment

Saving resources by re-using wastewater

EuroDrain Technology wastewater treatment plants offer both below and above ground options. Designed according to the client’s requirements, the plants meet the local effluent specifications of the relevant country’s Water Affairs Departments.
today30 Jul 2014

Mammoth culverts used for stormwater channel rehabilitation

Mammoth culverts, manufactured by Aveng Manufacturing Infraset, were used for the rehabilitation of a corrugated metal pipe which collapsed under Andre Greyvenstein Rd near Gauteng’s Oliver Tambo Airport in November last year.
today10 Apr 2012

Grease and oil separators

Contributing to minimising water contamination and in support of clean water supplies, Rocla Southern Africa, in collaboration with Alltrap Engineering, has introduced a range of separators, filters and purifiers to separate grease, oil and petrochemicals from industrial and commercial effluent.  Alltrap Engineering is the local importer of the ecoTechnic® range of products from Austria and Rocla has designed a range of concrete tanks to suit the specifications of the ecoTechnic products available. The product range includes ecoLine_b, ecoSep and ecoSorp, for different applications, as well as ecoStop, which is a petroleum spill control system designed for use at any site where the risk of a petroleum spill exists (at petrol and other fuelling facilities, electrical transformers, generators and oil storage areas).
today8 Feb 2017
verified_userRenu Solar

Water harvesting solutions for homes, commercial & industrial use

Renu are specialists in harvesting rain and municipal water, reusing waste water, sewerage treatment plants and water management systems. The company offers turn-key water harvesting solutions that include reticulation design, pump stations, water filtration and storage solutions.