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today7 Jun 2013

Steel piping supplied by Incledon assists fresh produce farmers in KZN

Leading fluid conveyance and pumping solutions expert Incledon has played an important role in ensuring a reliable supply of heat generation for fresh produce greenhouses at Dube TradePort in Kwa-Zulu Natal, after supplying 186 km of steel piping to the first-of-its-kind project in Africa. 
today29 Sep 2015

Incledon looks to the next 100 years

Established in South Africa for over a century, Incledon is well-entrenched in every facet of the country’s economy, from general industry to mining, infrastructure and building and construction.
today19 Jan 2017

Incledon experiences growing trend in HDPE pipe solutions

One-stop fluid conveyance solutions provider Incledon is experiencing a growing trend towards High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe solutions.
today18 Sep 2012

Incledon hits an eagle while manufacturing a golf course pump station

Incledon designed and manufactured an advanced containerised golf course pump station within five weeks – an impressive two weeks ahead of schedule. 
today18 Mar 2014

R5.5m worth of valves delivered to power project

Fluid conveyance products and solutions expert Incledon has supplied more than R5.5m worth of butterfly valves and stainless steel ball valves to a large coal-fired power plant construction project in Mpumalanga.