Precast Hollowcore Floors
Topfloor specialise in the production and installation of prestressed hollow-core concrete floors.
location_on Cape Town, Western Cape
Dock Loading Solutions Built to Last
Stab-A-Load Fire doors, Sectional Doors, High Speed Doors, Stacking and Hangar Doors, Bug & Bird Screen doors, goods hoists, hydro-tilt hydraulic doors.
location_on Alberton, Gauteng
Alucushion Thermal Insulation
Reflective thermal insulation products
Alucushion is a multi-purpose insulation material used in factories, warehouses, shopping centres, schools, residential buildings and affordable housing. Reflective thermal insulation products.
location_on Pretoria, Gauteng
MiTek specialises in the manufacturing and sales of all types of metal fasteners for timber, e.g. galvanised steel connector plates for the prefabricated timber roof truss industry.
location_on Midrand, Gauteng
today4 Sep 2018

Affordable Housing Cost-effective wall coatings for mass housing projects

Cost-effective wall coatings for mass housing projects
today31 Jul 2018

Affordable Housing | Cost-Effective Wall Coatings

Cost-effective wall coatings for mass housing projects.  Cemcrete’s Khozi Coat is a one Coat PVA acrylic paint suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. It is alkali resistant and is designed as a one-coat application for existing or newly plastered surfaces, cement bricks or building blocks.  StippleCrete provides an exceptionally long-lasting, weatherproof, economic coating for fairface brick-work or concrete in one coat.
today23 Jun 2017
verified_userDatlink Insulation

Romatherm®: Used in Subsidised Housing

SANS 10400-XA requires that all new buildings have a legislated amount of insulation. Romatherm Polyester Insulation Blanket is a cost effective insulator that is quick and easy to install. Houses with insulated roofs and ceilings are simply more comfortable and healthier to live in. These thermally improved houses result in substantial energy savings which when multiplied by the number of houses in each community, greatly reduces the power demand on the already “strained” power grid in that area.
today14 Nov 2018

Seaqual Grate & Waste: Technical Data Sheet

A drainage device consisting of a grate housing M-sert with spigot, grate and dust cover able to connect to either 40mm or 50mm plumbing pipe. Use with either a standard 40mm P-Trap for internal floor drains or with a 90° bend on balconies.
today4 Dec 2018

Seaqual VitylDrain 1st Fix Packs: Technical Data Sheet

VitylDrain 1st Fix Packs are the 1st half of a floor drain specifically designed where vinyl flooring has been specified. The 1st Fix comprises a housing device called an F-box that connects to a standard plumbing pipe of either 50mm or 75mm. It is available with both horizontal and vertical outlets.
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today28 Jan 2011

The Housing Debate – some thoughts on the way forward

The State of Housing in SA formed the focus of the opening debate at Architecture ZA 2010 (AZA 2010), the architectural festival that was held in Johannesburg in September last year. The debate looked at the successes and challenges of South Africa’s contemporary housing strategy and how it contributes to the restructuring of South African society in economic, social and spatial terms.
today20 Apr 2018

Building the business case for housing microfinance in sub-Saharan Africa

Habitat for Humanity undertook a six-year study with 47,000 households which demonstrated how housing microfinance can be win-win for poor people and financial institutions.
today22 May 2012

Housing a key driver in infrastructure rollout

Ahead of the presentation of the Human Settlements Budget Vote 2012-13 to the National Assembly last week (9 May 2012), Minister of Human Settlements, Tokyo Sexwale, highlighted the progress the department has made not only in the continuing development of housing and human settlements but also in rooting out the corruption that has, over past years, undermined the delivery of decent housing.  Interestingly, Minister Sexwale raised the question of whether government should not be turning to sizeable, established contractors and their BEE partners rather than the “wheelbarrow and bakkie brigade” to support its housing delivery commitments. He said that while some emerging contractors are genuinely committed to building houses of sound and long-lasting quality, many had shown themselves to be fly-by-nights, abusing taxpayers’ money and government’s resources. 
today7 Nov 2016

Corobrik used for largest all-facebrick social housing project in Pietermaritzburg

The first phase of Aloe Ridge in Pietermaritzburg’s Westgate Grange has been constructed from Corobrik’s Burnt Apricot. Hundreds of families in the Westgate Grange area of Pietermaritzburg will soon have access to affordable housing with the completion of Aloe Ridge, the largest social housing project in the city constructed entirely of Corobrik’s facebrick.
today31 Oct 2011

Clay brick – a frontrunner for housing delivery

It is reported that between 1994 and June 2010, government financed the building of over 2.7 million homes for South Africans, giving shelter to more than 13 million people. Government spending on housing delivery increased from R4.8 billion in 2004/05 to R10.9 billion in the 2009/10 financial year. Yet there are still thousands of informal settlements across the country and more than 12 million South Africans are still in need of proper homes.