today29 Sep 2011

Designing for home automation systems

Increasingly, ‘smart homes’ are seen as the homes of the future, but how do we plan for the fast-changing technology that enables home automation?  Ryno Goosen, product specialist on new technologies for leading audio, visual and home automation systems distributor, HFX Systems, says, “Today, technology influences practically every aspect of our home environment, which is why home automation is becoming increasingly popular, especially in homes at the upper end of the market.”
today21 Jul 2010

Integrated home automation systems

The new Arteor range of wiring devices from Legrand extends from simple switches to advanced integrated home automation systems. Timothy Mountjoy, national sales manager at Legrand, says, “Although these standalone devices and home automation control functions have a similar design, Arteor home automation devices provide even more technological features for modern living.
today2 Nov 2017

Hi-tech automation – pure audio and video brilliance

Sound Xperience undertook a home automation project in Joburg North that comprised an extensive array of audio visual equipment, automated lights and an integrated alarm system.
today6 Mar 2018

Control your home with your smartphone

Wi-Fi networks are becoming ubiquitous which means that any smart device that can access the internet through Wi-Fi can be interconnected with any other smart device with Wi-Fi capability. This makes the options for home automation both extensive and cost effective.
today21 Apr 2010

Raising the standard in home automation

At the same time as we are faced with the heightened awareness of our own responsibilities regarding our impact on the environment, technology has surged forward in every area of life, creating a greater reliance on gadgets like HDTV and iPhones. Some people and organisations are harnessing digital technology as a means to minimise their environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint through intelligent building management, sometimes referred to as ‘home automation’. In this effort KNX  leads the way.
today22 May 2018

Premium home automation development partnership programme for architects

Tech-savvy home owners to day expect the same convenience and control in their homes that they get from their smartphones and tablets, which is why builders and architects are adding home automation solutions as a standard offering or an option to their development projects.
today6 Feb 2019

IP360 – A revolution in video entry systems – XTS video receiver

The IP360 video entry system enables the integration of systems like audio and video intercom, CCTV and home automation, with the possibility to use standard communication devices such as SIP handsets or tablets, smartphones or PCs.
today21 Aug 2013

LightGrid introduces Lutron's innovative shading solutions

Allowing and varying natural light in our homes at the touch of a button is powerful, but controlling it with astronomical TimeClock events and solar-adaptive technology is truly ground-breaking. It recognises daylight as a practical, sustainable light source and demonstrates that technology has advanced to allow for its precise control.
today17 Apr 2019

Photo voltaic installations combined with home automation

Excellumax photovoltaic installations combined with automation systems can drastically reduce energy consumption during load shedding.
today19 May 2014

A switch range for all seasons

Legrand’s Arteor range, which encompasses simple switches, to the most advanced home automation systems, includes fan controllers, thermostats, electric roller blinds and shutter controllers, as well as curtain switches.
today30 Mar 2011

Controlling homes, controlling buildings with the ProLine 2 automation system

Imagine your home or office automatically opening and closing its windows and skylights for natural ventilation depending on the temperature inside or the time of the year, week and day and then automatically closing them again in the event of inclement weather
today27 Nov 2017

Door communication with aspirations

Excellumax in South Africa provides the JUNG intercom systems for door access and security. Available in audio, video or both.
today13 Dec 2016

Viega Fonterra hydronic underfloor heating and cooling

Today’s technology makes home automation a very real and practical proposition – not only for the comfort and convenience of having an automated living space, but it also for the tangible practical and economic benefits.
today15 Jan 2015

Look who's at the front door

Legrand video entry control units, with multiple functions, including clear images and good sound quality, significantly improve the security of any environment.
today21 Jun 2010

Lighting controls support energy efficiency

The new Arteor range of wiring devices from Legrand encompasses a wide selection of electrical controls, from simple switches to advanced home automation systems. Included in this portfolio are complete solutions for modern lighting management. With the latest electronics technology these lighting controls support energy efficiency and offer various functions to suit offices, hotels and other commercial as well as residential environments.
today19 Feb 2018

How will we live in 2025?

Property Fox discusses trends that will impact homes of the future. No more garages, Alexa organising your life, Air BNB, water saving products, multi-purpose rooftops and on-command interior design are just some of the emerging trends that will change the home of tomorrow.
today2 Aug 2016

Opinion Piece: Residential light commercial HVAC segment in South Africa

The residential light commercial (RLC) segment of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market is growing fast in South Africa. With the electricity crises easing off, RLC solutions are an increasingly attractive option – they are affordable, easy to install and deliver surprisingly long-term cost and eco benefits. This segment is prompting more homeowners and small and medium businesses to invest.
today16 Apr 2019

Trellidor lands London Underground contract

Trellidor has installed its Trellidor Trojan 3 EMESC T3000 steel security gates in four London Underground train stations.
today26 Nov 2013

Couture meets technology in automated window treatments

Sivoia QS is the next generation of shading technology from Lutron, and the ideal solution for total light control. 
today26 Nov 2014

UPS systems ensure continuity of service

New to Legrand’s range of service sector solutions is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, which enhances products - from structured cabling systems for data networks, to control and management of the installation, including trunking and distribution systems.
today4 May 2014

Legrand Concept Store opens in Umhlanga

The launch of the first KwaZulu-Natal ‘Legrand Concept Store’, which opened in Umhlanga recently, forms part of Legrand’s drive to boost its specialist electrical solutions offering to contractors, architects, consultants and interior designers, as well as the end user.
today17 Oct 2018
verified_userYork International (SA) Inc

Beyond building security – intelligent technology adds convenience, utility, ease

In Ireland's Smartest Building, One Albert Quay, Cork, security and building management technology does more than police perimeters and keep the office at the right temperature. With the addition of analytics, big data, integration with backend HR, email calendaring and office management systems, as well as an app or two, it is simplifying life for employees.
today28 Nov 2018
verified_userVan Dyck Floors

Oldest carpet manufacturer in SA celebrates 70 years

Van Dyck Floors embarked on a countrywide roadshow during October 2018. The roadshows were held in East London, PE, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Nelspruit and Bloemfontein, and formed part of the company’s 70th anniversary celebrations.
today8 Feb 2017
verified_userRenu Solar

Water harvesting solutions for homes, commercial & industrial use

Renu are specialists in harvesting rain and municipal water, reusing waste water, sewerage treatment plants and water management systems. The company offers turn-key water harvesting solutions that include reticulation design, pump stations, water filtration and storage solutions. 
today31 Oct 2013

New showroom and training facility for Legrand

The new showroom at the Legrand’s Johannesburg head office encompasses a specialist training facility designed for interactive tuition modules that cover Legrand’s extensive range of electrical and digital building infrastructures.
today6 Jan 2016

10 kitchen appliance trends for 2016

Kitchen trends may come and go, but one thing remains constant: the kitchen is the heart of the home. 
today6 Jan 2017

Hi-tech Constantia home incorporates energy efficient Viega underfloor heating

Hydronic underfloor heating and cooling systems displaced expensive to run electrical systems in Europe and North America many decades ago and the same trend is now happening in South Africa. 
today23 Aug 2017

Balwin Properties partners with SolarAfrica to power its upmarket developments with solar energy

Kikuyu and The Whisken are amongst the first developments in South Africa bringing cheaper and cleaner energy to residents.
today27 Feb 2017

Using your thermostat in the most energy efficient way possible

You can save money during the winter months on your underfloor heating by simply resetting your thermostat when you are asleep or away from home. This can be done automatically, without sacrificing comfort, by installing a programmable thermostat.
today24 Feb 2017
verified_userStab-A-Load Dock Systems

Elevating on air

In order to keep pace with the growing demand for various types of passenger lift enquiries, Stab-A-Load has signed an exclusive agreement with Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC as sole supplier for Sub-Saharan Africa.
today20 Feb 2017

New smart solar panel follows the sun, generates 40% more energy

Imagine clean energy for your home or business that is easy, efficient, smart and beautiful. Three curious and progressive-minded friends all living in Burgenland, Austria circa 2010 set out to a create a completely new and unique solar solution - inspired by the shape of a sunflower- in an attempt to challenge the status quo of the solar energy market at the time. From their effort, smartflower was born. Essentially, it is a smart solar panel that follows the sun. It is a fully integrated, plug-and-play solar system that powers your world with clean energy. It’s pleasing to the eye, simple to install, even easier to use.
today6 Sep 2017
verified_userBosch Thermotechnology South Africa

Domestic hot water comfort with Bosch

The W2-Range of gas water heaters economically provide domestic hot water on demand. Bosch tankless water heaters are wall-mounted...
today28 Mar 2017
verified_userRenu Solar

Automated rain water harvesting system for Man Truck & Bus South Africa

With the devastating impact of drought in South Africa, the Ethekwini municipality has had to restrict water supply to leading businesses throughout the country. As a consequence, operations that depend heavily on water supply have been placed under major strain. 
today7 Jun 2017

Atterbury development Mall of Africa gets top honours at international VIVA Awards

Atterbury Property’s development of the iconic Mall of Africa secured its place among top honourees from around the world in the highly coveted international VIVA (Vision, Innovation, Value, Achievement) Awards, announced in Las Vegas, USA, on Sunday, 21 May 2017.
today3 Oct 2016

Pool covers could make a real difference to SA’s water outlook this summer

PowerPlastics point out that the implications of maintaining swimming pools during a drought still tend to be largely overlooked. By covering a pool, water evaporation is almost entirely prevented. During a long hot summer, the amount of water lost from an average pool is astounding...
today17 Mar 2016

Measuring up has never been easier

STANLEY provides top of the range measuring tools that are perfectly suited for a diverse array of uses for the DIY enthusiast, interior designer and decorator, estate agent and even architect. Two innovative STANLEY lasers have recently been launched in South Africa.
today6 Apr 2011

Sleek aluminium roller shutters add style to designer homes

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters are an attractive way of helping to secure homes and commercial premises, particularly when it's important that security does not detract from the building's beautiful design
today29 Nov 2016

LCP Roofing levels up with integrated roof inspection app

In an innovative move to offer clients an even better timber roof truss supply and erection service, and to help elevate industry standards, LCP Roofing has developed an integrated mobile application for enhanced, more secure completion and processing of the SANS10400 A19 certificate for a building’s structural components.
today6 Oct 2011

Strong demand for sectional steel garage doors

Strong demand in South Africa for the Lux-A-Door range of steel sectional garage doors – not least as an alternative to timber garage doors – has prompted Duro Pressings to double the production capacity for the popular brand.
today22 Mar 2016

A barista in your own home

Miele is set to offer even greater pleasure, choice and convenience with two new countertop coffee makers. 
today13 Jul 2010

Automated lighting made easy

Simple Switch from Radiant Lighting and Electrical is designed to replace the traditional light switch, offering easy and affordable automated lighting control in the home or office. Valerie Poyurs, director of marketing at Radiant, says, “By connecting a Simple Switch receiver to any light circuit you now have the ability, at the touch of a button, to control that circuit from anywhere in your home or office with a wireless handheld remote. The wireless Simple Switch plates can be placed wherever is convenient and the buttons linked to control one or as many lights as required.”
today30 Jun 2016
verified_userCummins Southern Africa

The Cummins Power City to City Tour South Africa

Simple Switch from Radiant Lighting and Electrical is designed to replace the traditional light switch, offering easy and affordable automated lighting control in the home or office. Valerie Poyurs, director of marketing at Radiant, says, “By connecting a Simple Switch receiver to any light circuit you now have the ability, at the touch of a button, to control that circuit from anywhere in your home or office with a wireless handheld remote. The wireless Simple Switch plates can be placed wherever is convenient and the buttons linked to control one or as many lights as required.”
today22 Apr 2010

The magic of the movies at home or office

Founded in 1998, Artcoustic is world renowned for its range of high performance, wall mounted speakers that feature interchangeable screens – with a wide selection of fabrics and decorative prints to suit almost any interior. The Artcoustic product range has received numerous awards for its groundbreaking designs and it is sold worldwide.
today28 Sep 2016

Miele presents a space-savvy compact wine unit

A practical and elegant solution to serving wine at the right temperature comes in the form of the new wine-conditioning unit from Miele – the KWT 6112 iG ed/cs. Hardly larger than a microwave oven; it fits with ease in the smallest of kitchens and is even an eye-catcher in an open-plan living space.
today15 Aug 2016
verified_userEuroDrain Technology / KESSEL

Lighting up the shower

The Design Line of shower drainage products offer wall drains and shower channels that incorporate LED lighting – adding atmospheric ambience and unusual focal points to the bathroom.
today9 Oct 2014

The benefits of pool covers

The local property market features some of the most innovative architecture, design and landscaping on the continent.
today3 Sep 2015
verified_userASSA ABLOY

ASSA Abloys digital door lock for glass doors

Digital Door Locks provide increased security whilst offering home owners genuine keyless convenience as well as the possibility of integrating their door locks into their smart homes. 
today26 Jul 2015

The Smart Workplace 2040: The rise of the workspace consumer

A glimpse back at the office of 1990 would remind us of a workplace where fax machines and fixed telephone landlines were the main mediums of communication. Bulky monitors, desktop PCs and fax machines were the norm, and an inbox was a physical tray overflowing with paper. It would be another year before Tim Berners-Lee launched the world’s first website. Flexible or remote working was an exception. Roll forward to today where electronic communication via the web, email and social channels is firmly established, where desktop PCs have largely been replaced by mobile computers such as notebooks and tablets. Video conferences via FaceTime or Skype are commonplace with remote, flexible working practices gaining widespread acceptance. Without doubt, the workplace has come a long way in the last 25 years.
today17 Nov 2015

Johnson Controls and Hitachi complete global air conditioning joint venture

Johnson Controls and Hitachi Appliances, Inc. have announced that the companies have completed their global joint venture agreement and will immediately commence operations of Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning to provide global customers with a full range of world class air conditioning products and technology.
today1 Jun 2015

Gate-crashing protection

Recent trends in residential housebreaking and hijacking attempts have shown a tendency toward “Gate Crashing” where a vehicle is used to push/pull open gates thereby gaining access to a property. 
today4 Nov 2015

For the love of laundry

Laundry appliances are an essential addition to any household – they remain one of the most hard-working appliances in the home, and they should be one of the longest lasting. Says Liam Gawne from Miele: “Laundry appliances are a sizeable investment, and if chosen correctly and used with care, they should offer you years of service.” 
today19 Jun 2012

Electromechanical drive solutions

Apart from a broad spectrum of standard drive products such as window and skylight automation, natural building ventilation or even home DIY projects, they also design and implement turn-key applications, enabling them to solve nearly all linear motion requests
today16 Mar 2015

Stiebel Eltron three phaseinstant water heaters

Instantaneous “tankless” water heaters on three phase power supply can deliver hot water in many different ways. 
today1 Dec 2015

The smart grid works, but only if smart buildings are connected to it

The grid – the infrastructure that delivers electricity from our local utility and municipalities to buildings – is over-taxed. Because of increasing demand during peak time periods and the imminent output of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind when South Africa’s Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) start contributing with supply, the grid is less able to provide a stable energy supply.
today17 Oct 2010

Emergency lighting in the event of power failure

Legrand’s new range of Arteor wiring devices includes a miniature emergency lighting unit which automatically lights up in the event of a power failure.
today24 Mar 2014

A rare breed of office building

SA Home Loan's R150m new head office on Durban's up-market La Lucia Ridge is that rarest of office buildings, a structure that combines a striking contemporary design with sweeping ocean and city views, while still managing to be low impact, both visually and environmentally.
today22 Apr 2013

Climate control aluminium roller shutters from Trellidor

Modern homes with their minimal exteriors hold strong appeal because of their strong lines and indoor/outdoor flow. Flat roofs, large expanses of glass, and paving from patio to pool bring in an abundance of summer sunshine, but also unbearable heat.  Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters fitted to doors and windows are an elegant solution, providing security and shade when required, and rolling up out of the way when not needed.
today22 Jul 2014

Cost of water heating at old age home expected to drop by 66%

ThermoWise, specialists in energy saving systems, recently completed the installation of 13 air-to-water heat pumps at the Zibambeleni old age home in Durban, to optimise electricity savings at the establishment.
today17 Jul 2013

Maintain architectural integrity with clear security

The personal safety of the occupants of a building should never be compromised because of a reluctance to obscure the structure’s architectural beauty with a muddle of busy burglar proofing, says Peter Rawson of Trellidor.  He has some suggestions on how to improve security without a negative aesthetic impact.  
today6 May 2013
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Sliding doors 'Evolve' for easy access in care homes

When designing and building a care home for the elderly or disabled, accessibility and a resident’s dignity are key priorities. P C Henderson has developed a range of sliding door gear systems providing an ideal solution for ease of access within care homes.
today29 Sep 2014
verified_userFranke South Africa

One hundred years in South Africa

Franke Beverage Systems (beverage containers) and Industrial Engineering. The Franke Group employs around 8,900 people worldwide and is established in 37 countries with 72 subsidiaries.
today21 Aug 2014

Creating an aura above the hob

Miele’s new Aura Edition 6000 cooker hood, otherwise known as the DA6700, brings together form and function, reflecting the innovative design ethos of Miele's Generation 6000 range of built-in appliances.
today9 Jul 2014

Roof and cladding specifications at your fingertips

Safintra has launched the first ‘app’ in the South African roofing industry. Aimed at architects and built environment professionals, it is designed to simplify metal roof and cladding specification.  
today24 Oct 2010

Future-ready homes

CEDIA is the abbreviation for the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. CEDIA is the international trade organization for the home electronic system industry. CEDIA members specialise in the planning, design, supply and installation of automated electronic systems for the modern, intelligent home. They can install anything from multiroom audio and home cinema to complete home networks and sub-systems that intelligently control lighting, security, HVAC, and even garden facilities, from lighting to watering.
today29 Apr 2013

Aluminium roller shutters contribute towards internal climate control

The clean lines of today’s architecture with its simplified forms, flat or shallow pitched roofs, large expanses of glass and emphasis on an abundance of natural light helps blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.  The downside is when that natural light beats down from the mid-summer sun, turning homes into saunas. Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters present a contemporary solution this modern architectural problem.
today18 Mar 2013

Customised protection for entrance doors

When it comes to front door security Trellidor’s primary focus is on the strength of the physical barriers it manufactures, but as each unit is custom-made, homeowners can select one that suits their lifestyle and personal preferences. 
today13 Mar 2012

A world of difference between steel and aluminium shutters for the home

Roller shutters have gained a negative reputation in domestic installations in South Africa because most manufacturers use steel. The end result is a heavy, noisy and ugly product that is really out of place at home.
today27 Nov 2013

Elegant front door security from Trellidor Rollerstyle

Stylish front doors can be difficult to secure against criminals without detracting from their charm. Unfortunately entry doors are a common point of access into homes and offices for criminals, so it is essential to install adequate protection. Trellidor Rollerstyle may just be the solution for that latest project.
today30 Oct 2013

Fire escape windows from Trellidor

These are burglar bars that slide open in exactly the same way as a trellis gate and are fitted with the same type of lock.  
today16 Jul 2013

PowerPlastics JetStreams: a new era in swimming pool design and use

In the past, using water resistance jets as a means to either build up athletic endurance or for water massage meant going to a gym with state of the art equipment or to health spas and specialist massage providers. Now, thanks to the new PowerPlastics JetStreams range from PowerPlastics Pool Covers, you can transform your home swimming pool into a training environment comparable with even the most advanced sports centres, or a tranquil oasis of calm and relaxation.
today19 Jan 2011

Fire prevention - things you should know

The National Fire Protection Association reports 85% of fire deaths occur in the home, making fire prevention a top priority in every home. Here is a list of some of the less obvious tips for fire prevention
today15 Oct 2013

New dimensions of electronic comfort in the bathroom

As in leisure, entertainment and working life, modern electronics have now also found their way into the bathroom. Imagine being able to press just one button and starting to fill the bath with your preferred temperature and the exactly defined volume of water.
today28 Jan 2011

Advanced automation for hotel comfort

The new range of Arteor electrical systems and fittings from Legrand includes technologically advanced options designed especially for the hotel environment. National sales manager for Legrand SA, Timothy Mountjoy, says, “These systems are designed for the comfort and convenience of guests – in communal areas of the establishment and in each hotel room.
today30 Sep 2013

Going green in the kitchen

Changing to energy efficient appliances is the environmentally responsible thing to do. It has been estimated that appliances can contribute up to 20% of a typical residential electricity bill.
today18 Dec 2012

Summer covered

South Africans live a typically outdoors lifestyle but given the rising cost of living, this summer many families are looking to save money, opting to stay home over the holidays and make the most of their outdoor living areas. What better season to overhaul your pool by accessorising it with a pool cover, and shrink your carbon footprint while you’re at it! 
today18 Mar 2013

Freeswing door closers also ensure fire safety

Manufacturer of sophisticated high-tech hardware for doors and windows, Geze, introduced its new generation freeswing door closers at Bau 2013 – held in Munich, Germany, in January. The well-known Geze TS 5000 range of freeswing door closers and the Geze Boxer EFS integrated freeswing door closers have been upgraded to incorporate advances in design and technology so that they are now also suitable for use on barrier-free fire protection doors.
today16 Apr 2012
verified_userAMERICAN Shutters

Current décor trends impact the evolution of shutters

Although the beauty and practicality of shutters have been appreciated for centuries, they have been consistently innovated to suit styles, climates, purpose and architecture through the ages.
today7 Nov 2012

Why a heat pump?

After installing a heat pump, there is an immediate saving of 65-70% of your water heating bill, thus reducing your overall electricity bill each month by approximately 27% in a residential home. 
today16 Jul 2012

Using aluminium roller shutters in the home

Roll up aluminium shutters are aesthetically pleasing, strong and offer noise reduction, temperature and light control. 
today5 Sep 2012

Shrink your pool's carbon footprint and make household savings with a pool cover

It seems counter intuitive to discuss swimming pools while most people won’t be swimming for a couple of months yet but what many pool owners lose sight of is the fact that they are pouring money and precious natural resources into their pool when it is not being used. Fortunately, with the right pool cover, your pool can be winterized, its footprint shrunk and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune for the remainder of the off season, according to PowerPlastics Pool Covers.
today8 Oct 2012

Comprehensive protection with the professional touch

S.A. National Standard (SANS) 10400 Part T as a Code of Practice affecting public and building safety aspects of the National Building Regulations, brings with it a host of compliance standards and practices for the built environment. It addresses risk management in the comprehensive sense. So, legislation for fire containment is a priority with government departments – national, provincial and local.  Compliance with regulations is firmly on the agenda of many commercial and industrial companies.
today15 May 2012

Aluminium roller shutters create expansive living areas

By specifying Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters as veranda ‘doors’ living areas can easily be expanded to accommodate crowds of guests or closed off when life returns to normal. Even if exposed to sea air, Rollerstyle shutters are relatively maintenance-free, lightweight, quieter than steel roller shutters and are easy to operate, particularly if automated.  Ideally, the shutters should be fitted to the outside edge of the veranda, especially if there are folding or sliding doors from the living room onto the entertainment area. The space between the two sets of doors becomes the area that’s opened up for extra guests and family to enjoy. 
today15 Jul 2011

Style and functionality in switches and sockets

The new range of Arteor electrical switches, controls and related wiring devices available from Legrand South Africa combines stylish design and leading-edge technology to support flexibility in commercial and residential environments. Arteor meets the requirements of the most basic electrical functions as well as complicated automation tasks. The range is compatible with local and international socket and flush-mounting box standards and offers a wide choice of design options and finishes for different environments. This means that users can mix and match the designs and finishes for various control functions. Another advantage is that these combinations can be changed easily to suit changing requirements.
today8 Oct 2012

Barriers for difficult locations no problem for Trellidor

Specifying security barriers for unusual doors and windows need not be a Heath Robinson affair.  With the help of specialists like Trellidor, these openings can be fitted with neat, uncomplicated and efficient security solutions.  Take a look at some recent tricky installations and how Trellidor solved the protection requirement.
today7 Nov 2012

CMA Awards for Excellence 2012 - All the winners

              The Concrete Manufacturers Association presented the 2012 Awards for Excellence on 3rd November, celebrating excellence in the manufacture and application of precast concrete products. 
today23 Jun 2012

Onderstepoort opts for solar water heating

Holms and Friends, formerly Omnibus Engineering and a member of SESSA, the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa, has installed a solar water heating system at the University of Pretoria’s Onderstepoort campus. With a total collector surface of 672m2 this is the biggest glazed installation in Southern Africa.  The installation meets the warm water needs of the university’s new energy-efficient residences which house 550 students. It also prevents the output of 450 tons CO2 and saves 600 980 litres of water per year. 
today30 Nov 2011

Eco pool covers make a difference

Eco pool cover supplier, PowerPlastics Pool Covers, recently completed a case study on the benefits of thermal pool covers in relation to these local issues, and have conclusively demonstrated they are an effective way to heat a pool naturally and reducing water and power consumption, not just shrinking the home's carbon footprint but allowing for considerable financial savings too
today28 Sep 2011

Automatic swing door drive

Whether at work or at home, we often find ourselves standing in front of the same door without a free hand to open the door. The new Geze ECturn swing door drive makes it easy to automate interior doors on which traditional door drive mechanisms cannot be used. The swing door drive is cost-effective and can be installed easily to make interior doors open automatically. The doors can then either be opened automatically or can be opened manually and closed automatically.
today19 Oct 2011

Economical hot water on demand

In line with its commitment to bring to market solutions that meet consumer demand for energy efficient products, Cobra Watertech has introduced a range of heat pump water heaters specifically created for the r
today27 Jun 2011

The future of pools is here

The South African property market features some of the most innovative use of architecture, design and landscaping in the world
today17 Aug 2011

Seamless security possible with Trellidor

There are many ways to make physical security less obtrusive, particularly when incorporated into the planning phase of a new building or alteration
today15 Jun 2010
verified_userSolent Ceiling Fans

The twilight switch - extra protection for your home

The Twilight Switch from Solent Innovate, a division of Solent Trading, makes it look as if homes are occupied and that residents are awake. This offers extra security to home owners
today11 Oct 2011

Earth-friendly clay bricks

The most practical, simple and yet, most beautiful element of construction and design is the raw brick face look
today5 Sep 2011

Ecosystems have no value

At the recent Green Building Conference organised by alive2green and held in Johannesburg over 13 and 14 July, Eamonn O’Rourke from Strategic Environmental Focus (SEF) offered delegates one of the most thought-provoking presentations.  The title of O’Rourke’s presentation – Ecosystems have no value – certainly raised questions ahead of his taking the podium. However, he soon clarified that statement to say, actually, “Ecosystems have no Rand value. They are priceless.” How do we determine what is valuable? In his presentation O’Rourke explored the whole question of values, whether different value systems can be compared, and what value systems are appropriate when we consider plans for land use, built developments, site selection and construction.  If something is priceless – is it of no value? How do we determine what is valuable and what is valueless?
today16 Mar 2010

Saving standby energy

Another innovative, energy-saving product introduced by Radiant Lighting and Electrical (Radiant) enables computer users and TV home theatre users to save electricity. The Trickle Star automatically switches off all other equipment attached to either the computer or TV – such as printers, modems, amplifiers, DVD players and speakers – when the PC is shut down or the TV is switched off with the remote control.
today10 Aug 2010

Natural cooling

Natural evaporation is nature’s own cooling process. The Breezair provides natural cooling that delivers cool, humidified, negatively ionised air
today5 Oct 2010
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Activating automatic doors

Besam, available from Assa Abloy in South Africa, has a complete range of automatic door operators for sliding doors, curved sliding doors, swing doors, balance door systems and revolving doors
today29 Sep 2010

Corobrik-SAIA Awards of Merit and Awards for Excellence in Architecture

The Corobrik-SAIA Awards of Merit and Awards for Excellence 2010 were presented recently at a ceremony at the City Hall in Johannesburg, as part of the architectural festival AZA 2010.  Since 1990, the biennial Awards for Excellence programme has signalled the highest accolades from the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA), acknowledging the achievements of its members in the design and delivery of projects that
today2 Nov 2009

Roll-Up Serranda provides roller shutters to suit any conditions

"The infrastructural projects currently being completed around South Africa, many of them for the Soccer World Cup, have given us an opportunity to showcase our product range and specialised services," says Kevin Bonner, Roll-Up Serranda's sales and marketing executive