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Anthony Philbrick is an architect who qualified from Wits in 1991.
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today4 Feb 2014
verified_userWetland Pools

Ponte re-imagined, Hillbrow re-viewed

He protectively ushers his son across the zebra crossing, making sure he is between him and the traffic. The little boy is smartly dressed in a new school uniform and I can’t help noticing how black and shiny his shoes are against the dusty backdrop, as if he didn’t play outside at break time or has carefully brushed the dust off them before leaving school. I get the impression he is a Grade One pupil who has just started school, still immensely proud of his new uniform and the unblemished satchel on his back. Dad, also smartly dressed, deposits him at the entrance to Skylar Mansions and hurries off, probably going back to work. Is it strange that on this first visit to Hillbrow in about 30 years, I am left with an overall impression of neatness?
today18 Apr 2017

Corobrik contributes to Inner City rejuvenation

The quality, durability and overall affordability of Corobrik’s face brick range has seen it form part of several inner-city rejuvenation schemes across the country, with the latest Heritage View development in Brickfields, Newtown Johannesburg forming an eye-catching example.
today10 Dec 2014

Ocon bricks up

Oconbrick, a leading supplier of clay stock and clay semi-face bricks in South Africa, reports 2014 as a busy year in the manufacture of bricks, with demand across all types of projects not abating. The company is currently on track for the delivery of over seven million stock bricks to projects varying from simple accommodation to residential estate developments across the Gauteng Province.
today24 Oct 2016

Highlighted in white corrugated steel and clear corrugated polycarbonate

The bi-annual AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation is South Africa’s leading award dedicated to acknowledging best practice and innovation in sustainable architecture. Its aim is to promote and increase learning and understanding of sustainability within the context of the human built environment.
today14 Aug 2012

Sustainability in steel – Steel Awards 2012

The underlying theme for Steel Awards 2012 is all about sustainability. With the Aveng Group as the main sponsor, the 2012 Steel Awards programme is looking for steel structures that reflect a responsible approach to the environment. “While the judges always consider a range of criteria in judging the submissions, including technical excellence, innovation and aesthetics, this year, ‘green’ issues, in a broad sense, are an important factor,” says Spencer Erling, education director at the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC).