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Design Acro
Architectural company offering full architectural services and project management in the Eastern Cape, leader of quality architectural design of the highest standards appropriate for the South African context and culture, developing globally respected and sound business solutions.
Solyx Films SA (Pty) Ltd
Solyx Films SA Pty Ltd, is a specialised company supplying a wide range of self-adhesive as well as non adhesive static cling decorative privacy films.
Llumar Films
LLumar window film company supplies a complete solution with the largest range of solar control, safety, decorative and energy saving window film tinting in Southern Africa.
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Van Acht Glass & Aluminium Windows & Doors

At VAGA ( Van Acht Glass and Aluminium) we strive to maintain the same quality and service with which we have been associated with over the last 30years. Advantages of ALUMINIUM – Strong material – Larger sizes available – Longevity and low maintenance – Strong market awareness – Availability – Versatile – Wide price range
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today10 May 2011

Window film to keep buildings cool

Window film, as it has been applied in the past, often brings to mind dark reflective plastic film that not only looks terrible but also makes buildings uncomfortably dark. While these window films succeeded in reducing heat gain in buildings, they often meant that the lights had to be on permanently – counteracting any intended energy usage and electricity costs. Hillel Bloom, managing director of Lamin8 Window Film, says that much research and development has been invested in creating new technology window film that looks good and works effectively – and is virtually invisible.
today1 Jun 2011

Preventing sun radiation with window films

One of the latest products from Lamin8 Window Film is enviroSHIELD - a heat resistant film, used for heat and lighting control in office buildings, homes and motor vehicles
today18 Mar 2013

Window film solutions

Solashayde is a leading supplier of premium window film products which has been providing quality film products since 1983. The company imports, packages and distributes various window films and application tools for the security, automotive and building industries. Solashayde prides itself on being able to provide beneficial window film solutions and exceptional service. All its products are guaranteed and are tested on a regular basis using international quality and strength tests. 
today31 Mar 2014

Switching off for privacy

Smart-Film™ is a revolutionary PDLC switchable film that becomes clear when switched on. 
today26 Jan 2011

The future of window film is here

Ceramic technology has travelled to the ultimate testing ground - space. This technology is used on the space shuttle with nothing between the astronauts and the sun. Astronauts depend on the best protection