Weber South Africa is incorporated as a division of Saint-Gobain Construction Products (Pty) Ltd. Weber - the world's leading industrial mortar manufacturer
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Tile Adhesives
TAL is a leader in tile and construction adhesives with a track record of more than 40 years in South Africa. TAL specialises in tiling installation materials, tiling tools, construction solutions and is renowned for the quality of its products...
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a.b.e® Construction Chemicals
a.b.e. manufactures waterproofing, flooring, specialised adhesives, silicone and sealants, concrete repair products, general construction products, and polyurea high performance system coatings for the building and construction industries.
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Union Tiles (Pty) Ltd is a wall and floor tile corporation dealing in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone, building material products and services.
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today20 Nov 2018

Anchor Grout Datasheet | Cemcrete

Anchor Grout is a rapid set ready-for-use (merely add water) Portland cement-based grouting compound. It contains chemical reagents which prevent shrinkage during curing.
today13 Mar 2018

Industrial Epoxy Grout

TAL INDUSTRIAL EPOXY GROUT is ideal for internal and external applications where chemical resistance and hygienic conditions are extremely important, such as abattoirs, breweries, dairies, food and beverage production and preparation areas, hospitals, mine change rooms, swimming pools, bacteria and mould growth areas, etc.  TAL INDUSTRIAL EPOXY GROUT is suitable for use in installations where tiling will be subjected to steam cleaning. TAL INDUSTRIAL EPOXY GROUT is simple to apply, with minimal wastage and excellent clean off properties.e
today13 Mar 2018

High Traffic Grout

TAL High Traffic Grout is a quick-setting grout designed to provide a durable, scratch and water resistant finish in high traffic and heavy traffic commercial installations such as retail centres and stores, car showrooms, etc as well as exterior installations. TAL High Traffic Grout also provides good resistance to mild organic acids in special locations such as dairies, abattoirs, citrus plants, and industrial/restaurant kitchens. Available in White and Dove Grey, TAL High Traffic Grout is suitable for filling wall and floor joints between 3 – 12mm wide.
today13 Mar 2018

Wall & Floor Grout

Cementitious grout suitable for filling wall and floor tile joints between 2 – 8mm wide. Available in a variety of colours. Offers resistance to moisture ingress and fungal growth.
today23 Jun 2017
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Saint-Gobain Tile Grout

Tile Grout is a cement-based grout designed to point tile joints on walls and floors. Produced from carefully selected raw materials for consistency of product, it only requires the addition of water on site.
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today3 Jan 2018

Innovation limits bacterial growth

TAL water-based epoxy grout is ideal for installation areas such as abattoirs, breweries, dairies, hospitals, food and beverage production and preparation areas, and high bacteria and mould-growth areas.
today12 Aug 2015

TAL grout now available in 2 kg bag

TAL now supplies its tried-and-trusted Wall and Floor grout range in a 2 kg packaging option. This is ideal for the DIY enthusiast as it can improve the productivity and efficiency in their tiling projects.
today21 May 2018

TAL’s quick-setting high traffic grout

TAL High Traffic Grout is a quick-setting grout designed to provide a durable, scratch and water-resistant finish in installation areas subjected to high traffic volumes, or heavy loads. TAL High Traffic Grout is ideal for car showrooms, retail centres and stores, as well as exterior installations.
today22 Sep 2014

TAL introduces new grout bag packaging for easy colour matching

TAL is introducing new grout bag packaging to make the grout colour matching process easier for the tiling contractor and end-user.
today5 May 2016
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Three steps to better tiling with Saint-Gobain Weber Tylon

The Weber Saint-Gobain Tylon tile fixing range has been specifically developed for the professional tiling contractor. 
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today1 Sep 2014

How to grout with TAL tile grout

A video demonstrating the ways in which you can do your own grouting using TAL grout.
today30 Jun 2015

Reviving Shower Grout with TAL: How to remove and replace grout in a shower

This video, brought to you by TAL, will walk you through the step-by-step process of removing and replacing grout in a shower.
today17 Mar 2015

Grouting Tips

We discuss the basics of grouting and give you some top tips from TAL.
today18 Dec 2015

Weber - Step 3 Grout

Weber - Step 3 Grout
today1 Sep 2015

TAL's New Bond Powder

Struggling with cracked tiles and tiles that lift? Then take a look at our latest video on the features and benefits of our latest innovation, #TALBondPowder - a tile #adhesive and #grout additive that limits the possibility of your tiles lifting and cracking as it enhances the water resistance and flexibility in your tile adhesive and grout. #StrongestBond