Reversable hollow-core retaining blocks
Terraforce the original, reversible Hollow Core Retaining Blocks. Retaining walls for landscaping and soil erosion solutions.
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Kaytech Engineered Fabrics
Engineered Fabrics
Kaytech Engineered Fabrics are suppliers and manufactures of geosynthetics and geotextiles in the civil engineering industry.
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today5 Mar 2018
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Kaytech Sudpave™ Permeable Paving Grid

Sudpave™ plastic grid pavers are used to control the run-off of rain water to limit the impact on over loaded storm water infrastructure. Sudpave™ is an open cell structure, which is either gravel filled, for frequent intensive use, or grass planted for occasional consecutive use. The open structure allows rain water to permeate into the ground at its source. Sudpave™ is now manufactured in South Africa to meet the increasing demand for paving products that satisfy the requirements of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS).
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today6 Mar 2018
verified_userKaytech Engineering Products

Sudpave locally manufactured paving grid for sustainable urban drainage systems

Sudpave by Kaytech is a plastic grid paver with an open cell structure, either gravel-filled or grass-planted depending on load bearing requirements. Rain is able to soak through the permeable paved area at the point of contact, thereby minimising the problem of run-off.
today24 Mar 2017

Terracrete eco-surface hard lawn blocks

Terracrete is an environmentally friendly alternative to impermeable urban surfaces, as the Terraforce block allows for unrestricted water penetration and can help manage storm water run-off by temporarily storing rainwater runoff before filtering it back – cleaned of impurities – into the soil.  
today25 Feb 2012

Creating a stable driveway

As the new owner of a house in Woodstock, Cape Town, James Nielsen soon found that the backyard driveway on the property changed into a mud bath every time it rained. Nielsen approached Terraforce for help to build a hard-wearing driveway. “I needed a driveway that could handle cars and the rain and that could also be used as an entertainment area,” he says. “A hard lawn paver is great for that. A few months from now, most of the blocks will be covered in grass.”  Nielsen used two labourers who had never worked with the product before. “It was easy enough for them to do a good job under the guidance of a Terraforce professional and it took us about two weeks to complete the job. Everything looks neat and I am happy,” he adds.
today4 Feb 2014

Showcasing creative use of decorative concrete

Chryso SA supplied a variety of products for the Lafarge Artevia concrete mix for the construction of House Bozwana, overall winner of the 2013 Lafarge Artevia Decorative Concrete Awards, which showcases the innovative and creative use of decorative concrete finishes.
today13 Apr 2011

Solar Roadways: a real solution

{nomultithumb} If there is one thing we should all agree on, it is the need to wean ourselves off our dependency on fossil fuels. And Solar Roadways™ have come up with a potentially earth-changing idea. No more power shortages, no more roaming power outages, no more need to burn coal (50% of greenhouse gases). Less need for fossil fuels and less dependency upon foreign oil. Much less pollution. Years ago, when the phrase "Global Warming" began gaining popularity, the guys at Solar Roadways started working on the idea of replacing asphalt and concrete surfaces with solar panels that could be driven upon. They thought of the "black box" on airplanes: They didn't know what material that black box was made of, but it seemed to be able to protect sensitive electronics from the worst of airline crashes.