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Sonic Liner: A Flexible Internal Lining for HVAC Ducts

Sonic Liner is a flexible Glasswool insulation blanket faced with an acoustically permeable black woven glass cloth on the air stream surface. A 35mm overlapping flange of the facing material is provided on both sides to enable effective sealing. It provides outstanding acoustical and thermal performance with low air friction. Specially designed as an internal acoustical insulation liner for sheet metal ducts in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems operating at temperatures of up to 120°C and air velocities up to 20m/s.


Energylite is manufactured from non-combustible Glasswool bonded with an inert thermosetting resin to form a strong resilient product. Available in batts and blankets.


Cavitybatt has been specially developed for use within steel frame structures, timber frame buildings and dry wall systems. Cavitybatts are manufactured using high quality Glasswool and are glass tissue faced on one side for ease of handling and improved rigidity.

Factorylite: Effective Commercial & Industrial Roofing Insulation

Factorylite is manufactured from high quality noncombustible flexible Glasswool insulation with an inert binder, which makes the product lightweight, safe and resilient. Factorylite is faced on one side with either a reinforced foil or white metalised foil. Factorylite can be faced on both sides on request. Factorylite is used for industrial roof insulation.

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