Union Tiles (Pty) Ltd is a wall and floor tile corporation dealing in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone, building material products and services.
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a.b.e® Construction Chemicals
a.b.e. manufactures waterproofing, flooring, specialised adhesives, silicone and sealants, concrete repair products, general construction products, and polyurea high performance system coatings for the building and construction industries.
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Manufacturers of Distinctive Decorative Coatings
Since 1973 Cemcrete has developed a range of cement-based products that can truly claim to be the best that Africa has to offer.
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Africote International
Original coatings for Africa
Supplier of a comprehensive range of acrylic interior and exterior paints, cementitious wall coatings and floor screeds, decorative plasters, special effect coatings such as rust and copper paints and chalk paints to achieve an aged...
location_on Bedfordview, Gauteng
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Flooring Product Brochure

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals‘ range of specialised floor coatings are screeds based on bitumen, dry shake cementitious materials, self levelling cementitious screeds, epoxies and polyurethanes. Typical applications are the protection of concrete floors and screeds against wear from traffic abrasion, as well as a range of chemical and thermal shock requirements. Certain products can also be used to provide decorative floor finishes to car showrooms, hardware stores, supermarkets and other retail outlets.
today23 Jun 2017
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Saint-Gobain Self-Levelling Screed WB270

Self-Levelling Screed WB270 is a cement-based, rapid-hardening, low-shrinkage, self-levelling ‘underlay’, used to rectify uneven or damaged concrete and other cement-based floor surfaces. Produced from carefully selected raw materials for consistency of product, it only requires the addition of water on site. Application can be by means of ‘hand-mix’ or by automated pumping equipment – the final floor finish being smooth, durable and designed to accept various floorcoverings such as vinyl sheeting and -tiles, laminates and marmoleum, rubber floors, carpeting, parquet, epoxy or urethane coatings and ceramic/porcelain tiles.
today13 Nov 2018
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Two-component, solvent-free, filled, polyamide cured epoxy.
today31 Jul 2018

EIFS Basecoat | Coating to Level or Repair Vertical Surfaces

EIFS BaseCoat is a special mixture of various admixtures and Ordinary Portland Cement for repair of concrete and masonry, adhering and surfacing of EIFS Insulation boards prior to applying Cemcrete’s decorative coatings.
today22 Feb 2018


TAL Screedmaster is a single-component high-performance self-levelling and smoothing Underlayment Compound manufactured from rapid-setting shrinkage-compensated cement and selected aggregates. Designed with high flow properties, when added to water it produces a smooth, flexible and hard wearing floor surface prior to the fixing of floor coverings with minimum installation time.
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today13 Nov 2018
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a.b.e. Products for historic Knysna hotel’s new floors

When the historic Turbine Hotel in Knysna needed its concrete floors refurbished and altered, abeflo epoxy self-levelling flooring system; abecote WD 337 epoxy as primer; and epidermix 318 epoxy repair compound were used
today1 Aug 2018
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Below the surface of concrete floor renovations

Key to any floor installation is preparing the layers which lie beneath the visible surface and the process involves effectively cleaning, priming and screeding a concrete or cement-based slab before covering it with your chosen material.
today5 Feb 2018

TAL introduces new self-levelling screed

TAL Superscreed SL rapid-setting self-levelling and smoothing underlayment is designed with high flow properties to produce smooth durable floor surfaces prior to fixing floor covering. Excellent for use as a protective barrier over under-tile heating.
today22 Jan 2016

Wide range of a.b.e. products for new Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals is supplying a wide variety of products for the construction of the new Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital, now under construction by Group Five in Parktown, Johannesburg.
today8 Mar 2011

New mechanised screed-levelling service

To simplify and speed up the process of levelling screeds for flooring contractors, TAL is offering a screed pump machine – a service which is supplied free-of-charge on sites where TAL Screedmaster is used. For companies installing floor finishes the screeding of an uneven substrate is an important but time-consuming activity which needs to be conducted professionally using the correct floor-levelling compounds, tools and expertise.