Customised Wall Coatings
Manufacturers and suppliers of interior and exterior specialist wall coatings and finishes.
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Manufacturers of Distinctive Decorative Coatings
Since 1973 Cemcrete has manufactured a specialised range of cement-based coatings and building materials to finish and aid in construction projects. Cemcrete’s range of over 80 products includes cement-based finishes for walls, floors, countertops, pools and many more. These distinctive finishes are favourable among homeowners, architects and the construction industry in general due to their superior quality, excellent value, as well as offering a unique alternative to generic coatings.
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a.b.e® Construction Chemicals
a.b.e. manufactures waterproofing, flooring, specialised adhesives, silicone and sealants, concrete repair products, general construction products, and polyurea high performance system coatings for the building and construction industries.
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Alchimica Building Chemicals
Join the Polyurethane Revolution
ALCHIMICA is a dynamic company specializing in the development and production of specialty polyurethane materials for construction and industrial applications.
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Elastomeric Spray Systems

Polyurethane and polyurea elastomers are exceptionally tough and flexible to compensate for the movement and cracking of substrates – particularly concrete. These versatile linings are spray applied to metal and concrete containment structures or used on geotextile, creating a chemical resistant membrane. Era Polymers offers a variety of spray materials, from 100% Polyurethane, to 100% Polyurea, to Hybrids which are a combination of the best properties of both….
today28 Nov 2017
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CC PG Thatch

CC PG THATCH is a polyether based polyol blend which, when reacted with MDI 15, yields a medium performance elastomer of 70 – 75 Shore A hardness with good hydrolytic stability. CC PG THATCH contains various additives which aid the processing of the material, and contribute to the physical properties of the cured elastomer.
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Elastotex has unique crack bridging and spanning properties. It is designed for exterior use on suitably prepared masonry substrates.
today28 Nov 2017
verified_userEra Polymers (Africa)

PS 100 85A

PS100 85A is a high performance Elastomer to be used with MDI 50103. It produces elastomers of 68 – 73 Shore “A” hardness. Elastomers produced using PS100 85A are designed for applications where low temperature flexibility, chemical and oil resistance, high mechanical strength and extremely good abrasion resistance is required
today28 Nov 2017
verified_userEra Polymers (Africa)

PS100 with cross- linker PS200

PS200 is a high performance crosslinker to be used with PS100. It produces elastomers with a Shore “A” hardness of 40-90 Shore “A” hardness when used with isocyanate MDI 20802. Elastomers produced using PS200 are designed for applications where low temperature flexibility, chemical and oil resistance, high mechanical strength and extremely good abrasion resistance is required.
News & Product Highlight
today5 Feb 2018
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a.b.e. products used for silo rehab at Caledon breweries

SAB's grain silos in Caledon needed refurbishment. A.b.e. waterproofing and concrete repair products included Index Fidia, a.b.e. silvakote bituminous aluminium protective coating, as well as a.b.e. super laykold and a.b.e. superlaycryl.