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Matco COBAwash

COBAwash is a real asset in floor protection for both domestic and commercial use. Being easy to care for, it is practical and machine washable.

Matco | Commercial Flooring and Industrial Matting Solutions

Matco’s product range is diverse and extensive. There are flooring and matting products for many different environments. From durable anti-slip GRP flooring and high quality, impressive entrance mats, to safety matting for industrial, catering or leisure areas. With so much choice, you can be assured that Matco has the perfect, competitively priced solution for your building. If you are responsible for health and safety in your organisation, then we have also included some useful information on standing safety in the workplace. Find out how anti-fatigue/anti-slip matting can help to reduce musculoskeletal disorders and accidents in the workplace…

Domestic Matting Solutions

Matco is well established as a world-class manufacturer and supplier of rubber matting and entrance mats, as well as many other flooring products. Our product range supports safety and hygiene at home and in the workplace. Our domestic range includes recycled PVC interlocking floor tiles, drainage mats, doormats, steel mats, coir mats, exterior mats, knee saver and non-slip underlays…


COBAwash® is a real asset in floor protection for domestic and commercial use. The tufted nylon/polyester carpet pile retains up to 3.5 litres/m2 of moisture and traps up to 800g of debis / dry dust…

Matco Kwiklok 100% Recycled PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

Matco Kwiklok is 100% recycled PVC interlocking floor tiles. It is easy to install and needs no adhesive to install. Made from 100% recycled PVC.

Matco Interlocking Colour PVC Tiles

Matco Interlocking Colour PVC Tiles is an entrance floor tile made from recycled materials. Itás an ideal low-cost solution for refurbishing floor surfaces.

Matco Cotton Mat

Cotton Mat is durable, 100% ultra absorbent cotton pile surface that lifts wet, dry, and even greasy dirt. Machine washable and can be tumble or drip-dried

Cotton Mat

The 100% ultra-absorbent cotton pile surface lifts wet, dry and even greasy dirt. The resilient backing reduces mat movement on the floor. Cotton Mat is ideal for domestic and office use to protect floors. Mats can be made to the required size.

Matco Wash & Clean

Matcoa Wash & Clean is an economical washable doormat. It is stylish, soft-to-the-touch nylon mat with a PVC non-slip back.

Mat-lok Extra-Heavy Duty

Mat-lok extra heavy duty: heavy goods, motor vehicle, foot and wheelchair traffic. Internal / undercover use and external / ramp use.

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