Africote International
Original coatings for Africa
Supplier of a comprehensive range of acrylic interior and exterior paints, cementitious wall coatings and floor screeds, decorative plasters, special effect coatings such as rust and copper paints and chalk paints to achieve an aged...
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Manufacturers of Distinctive Decorative Coatings
Since 1973 Cemcrete has developed a range of cement-based products that can truly claim to be the best that Africa has to offer.
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a.b.e® Construction Chemicals
a.b.e. manufactures waterproofing, flooring, specialised adhesives, silicone and sealants, concrete repair products, general construction products, and polyurea high performance system coatings for the building and construction industries.
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CHRYSO Southern Africa manufactures, sells and distributes admixtures and cement additives that service the mining, ready-mix, precast, new construction, gypsum and cement industries.
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Interior Paint & Decor Plasters

Africote’s products and services include: acrylic paints, cement paints, wall plasters and renderings, flooring products, decorative paints, solvent based paints, surface preparation products, primers, sealers, waterproofing products, low cost housing products…
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verified_userWeber (a division of Saint-Gobain)

Saint-Gobain Weber Pool Paint Datasheet

Provides a durable, coloured, waterproof coating for DIY application to marble plastered pools. Not suitable for use on newly plastered-, fibre-glass- or previously painted pools. Incorrect water treatment causes the surface of marble plastered pools to become rough and stained over time. The usual way of solving this is to replaster the pool, which is quite a costly exercise. weber.cote Pool Paint is designed to provide a cost effective solution to this problem. It will colour and revitalise the surface, thereby postponing the need for replastering. It will not cover defects or structural cracks. With proper water treatment and correct maintenance of the automatic pool cleaner, this coating can be expected to last for at least 4 years. It must, however, be noted that the pool will have to be replastered eventually. weber.cote Pool Paint provides a 1mm coloured layer in much the same way that paint does on a plastered wall. Because it is cement-based, the coating becomes part of the marble plaster surface through the hydration process of cement. It is not merely a surface film and will therefore be very durable.
today10 Sep 2018

TPC Durable wall & ceiling paint

today23 Jun 2017

Aztec 3 in 1

Aztec 3-in-1 is a textured low sheen finish that hides surface imperfections and provides maximum protection against all weather conditions.
today23 Jun 2017

Cato Spray

Cato Spray is a fine granular, durable and protective coating.
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today11 Dec 2013

‘Name and shame’ leaded paint producers, says SAPMA

The South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA) has urged the government to start prosecuting unscrupulous paint producers who are still including hazardous lead levels in their paints.
today4 Apr 2014

‘Textured Naturals’ revitalise, rejuvenate and transform

Africote is known for its creative coloured seamless cementitious flooring and unique cementitious coatings that transform living spaces into beautiful homes or corporate office spaces.
today3 Sep 2014

A green future for paint

Each year Plascon launches new products and improvements that add to its range of green solutions. Great strides have been taken in the areas of technological research and development into green coatings, continuing Plascon’s 125-year history of quality assurance, formulation and performance.
today20 Aug 2018

Celebrating 20 years of adding colour to their customers’ lives

Satin sheen acrylics, pure acrylic matt coatings, pure acrylic waterproof coatings, decorative plasters, wall coatings, pure acrylic roof coatings, exterior varnishes, and timber preservatives will continue to be a core feature of the Olympia Paints product offering for both the trade and domestic customer segments.
today29 Sep 2011

Anti-graffiti coating meets Gautrain requirements

Whether graffiti is seen as an expressive art form or simply an act of vandalism, most property owners agree that the exercise of removing graffiti from public places is usually costly and time consuming. However, Prominent Paints’ Anti-graffiti Coating makes removing graffiti as simple as wiping it off the wall – a much more cost-effective option than having to repaint every time the wall surface is defaced.
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today20 Mar 2019

Cemcrete CemCote Skimmed Application Overview

CemCote is a pigmented, thin film cement- based decorative wall covering which is versatile and durable.