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Clotan Craft-Lock | The Concealed Fix Profile for Roof and Facade Applications

A Craft-Lock roof sheet profile is characterised by its hidden fasteners. The use of a starter bar and fixing cleats allows positive fixing of the roof. This eliminates potential leakage problems and enhances aesthetics.

eCo Fasteners: Making the Right Connection

Includes ninja spikes, multi purpose brackets, Ultra-Span, Tibond, wall ties, shade cloth fasteners, gryptite connector plates, purlin clips, hurricane clips, truss hangers, pole hangers & gumbo brackets, cleats, purlin, speed brace, batten, bracing strip…

eCo Cleats Timber Fasteners

Timber Fasteners for Roof Truss & Girder Junctions Eco Heavy Duty type H Cleats are designed to ensure sound connections at truss and girder junctions. These cleats can be specified in a variety of different configurations to suit different loads and structural arrangements.

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