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CT-10 Sealant for Damp Balconies and Rooms

CT-10 is ideal for rendering floors, lavatories, bathrooms, balconies and patios impregnable to water. It can be applied to tiles, concrete and natural stone. The product creates a water repellent effect on porous tiles, in tile joints and in cracks in concrete, cement, limestone, bricks and fresh plaster and grout (after curing for at least a week). Product can be applied up to a 2-millimeter thickness. As it is transparent, CT-10 can serve as an additional sealant in the spaces between the tiles in bathrooms, balconies and patios, and can provide temporary protection for surfaces in need of repair.

Bituver | Cool Roof Solutions | Isover

Bituver Cool Roof Solutions – waterproofing – reduction of heat effect – energy saving

abe® Project | Two Oceans Aquarium Tanks Waterproofing

Install new waterproofing to all the horizontal and vertical areas around the 21-year-old tanks. Roof slabs, external tank walls, damp proof courses, door thresholds, and other ancillary areas. The areas were then primed with bitu.®prime, followed by a 4mm layer of Index Fidia P and 4mm layer of Index Testudo to the flat areas. The plinth and ramp areas were given an additional third layer for maximum protection. The 3 ply Malthoid was then applied as a protective layer prior to the sand and concrete paver slab installations. bitu.®prime is a bituminous sealer and primer for torch applied membranes. Index Fidia P membrane is manufactured from a compound of distilled bitumen and polymers, while Index Testudo is a high mechanical resistance, reinforced elasto-plastomeric polymer waterproofing membrane.

abe® peel & stick membrane

abe® peel & stick membrane is a universal, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane comprising of a unique ethylene polymer modified bitumen, incorporating an exposed spunbond, non-woven, polypropylene fabric that is alkali resistant to receive cementitious and water based acrylic resin coatings and adhesive systems.

Waterproofing Systems - Product Overview

We specialise in spray on systems, damp proofing, structural concrete repairs, roof, wall & floor coatings, vertical landscaping walls, joint sealing, gutters, green products.

Foundation to Rooftop Solutions | Waterproofing

Complete rooftop waterproofing solutions including:  application and consultation of the following Bitumproof product: Rapidflex, Inopaz H20, Master Roof, Elastopaz, Elastopaz RT and Sealpaz, for the waterproofing of basement walls, water tanks, patio floors, small water reservoirs, smaal roof gardens etc.      

Waterproofing: Foundation to Rooftop Solutions

The most advanced eco friendly innovative spray application. Bitumproof SA offers damp proofing, waterproofing for all roof types, green products, professional DIY solutions etc. Their waterproofing range includes Rapidflex, Inopaz H2O, Master Roof, Elastopaz and Sealpaz…

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