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Union Tiles Bamboo Flooring

Each solid bamboo plank is made up of multiple individual pieces of bamboo pressed together to form a plank with varied direction and grain density. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Harvested with minimal impact on its natural environment, bamboo returns to maturity in as little as five years, making it the ultimate ecologically responsible flooring alternative. Bamboo flooring is pre-finished and therefore requires no sanding or varnishing upon installation. Its protective finish consists of multiple layers of UV resistant aluminium oxide and polyurethane coatings…

Valsir Progetto Design: Design Project

Traditionally only a functional element, the push plate is now an important aesthetic detail in the bathroom. Combined with design, technology gives rise to the Valsir proposal: a wide choice of plates representing the latest trend in the bathroom.

Natural Choice Earth

Carpet available in broadloom, plain back tiles, looselay tiles with Enduroback KR4 backing. The top cloth is manufactured from a blend of 30 percent recycled materials and 70 percent virgin PFX Stain Shield staple fibres. Suitable for medium commercial use.

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