Customised Wall Coatings
Marmoran paint & customised wall coatings. Internationally renowned range of versatile finishes for interior and exterior use.
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Africote International
Original coatings for Africa
Supplier of a comprehensive range of acrylic interior and exterior paints, cementitious wall coatings and floor screeds, decorative plasters, special effect coatings such as rust and copper paints and chalk paints to achieve an aged...
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Kasi Shade are professional suppliers, installers and repairers of awning, carports, shade ports, skylights, patio covers, and customised shade ports.
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Bitumproof SA
Waterproofing systems
For the last 70 years Pazkar has developed and manufactured sophisticated sealing and insulation materials for the construction and infrastructure industries, offering dozens of types: sealants membranes, compounds and coatings.
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today20 Sep 2018
verified_userDerbit SA

Derbipaint E | Matt Acrylic Paint for Finishing Bituminous Membranes

DERBIPAINT E is a water based acrylic paint mainly applied for aesthetic reasons on smooth waterproofing membranes.
today23 Jun 2017
verified_userAfricote International

Interior Paint & Decor Plasters

Africote’s products and services include: acrylic paints, cement paints, wall plasters and renderings, flooring products, decorative paints, solvent based paints, surface preparation products, primers, sealers, waterproofing products, low cost housing products…
today23 Jun 2017


Aquanil is a low sheen self cleaning pure acrylic paint that is based on a specially formulated hydrophobic acrylic polymer that promotes self-cleaning and fungal resistance.
today23 Jun 2017

Mos 80

Mos 80 is a mosquito repellent acrylic paint with anti-fungal properties and is designed for interior or exterior use. It is ideal for walls and ceilings…
today23 Jun 2017


Carecoat is a zero voc low sheen pure acrylic paint that is designed for interior or exterior use.
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today8 Apr 2015
verified_userGlobal Roofing Solutions

Global Roofing Solutions: Arma-Tile and Arma-Shake

A strong, attractive light weight pressed metal roof tile with either an acrylic grit finish or a natural stone coat finish, The Arma-Tile™ simulates the well-known Double Roman cement tile and the Arma-Shake™ has a pleasing wooden shake look. 
today20 Aug 2018

Celebrating 20 years of adding colour to their customers’ lives

Satin sheen acrylics, pure acrylic matt coatings, pure acrylic waterproof coatings, decorative plasters, wall coatings, pure acrylic roof coatings, exterior varnishes, and timber preservatives will continue to be a core feature of the Olympia Paints product offering for both the trade and domestic customer segments.
today12 Aug 2013

Plascon expands One Coat Ceiling paint into an entire range

Plascon is the first company in South Africa to offer a complete range of groundbreaking One Coat products that do away with the need for a separate undercoat and topcoat – saving time, effort and money.
today27 Mar 2017
verified_userAfricote International

Africote discusses the use of colour to alter perceptions

There's no better or more affordable way to freshen up rooms and exteriors than with a new coat of paint. Painting isn't difficult and doesn't require specialised training. All you need is a little patience, practice, and some helpful advice. Recoating your walls in a different colour can change the personality of the entire room without you having to go to the expense of buying new furnishings.
today9 Feb 2017

Unique waterproofing solutions from Dampcon

Dampcon specialise in waterproofing, damp proofing, sub-soil and surface drainage, painting, industrial and commercial building maintenance and improvements as well as complex and estate living refurbishments.