An elegant solution for rainwater removal.  Raindrain sets the standards in removing storm water away from buildings, helping to eliminate rising damp.



Rainwater Catch-Pit

RainDrain Lite

RainDrain Nylon

Innovation by design

The revolutionary integrated rainwater catch-pit and grate eliminates the need for building small sumps and saves both time and material costs.

Simple to install and easy to access

Raindrain is designed to be user-friendly. The housing is the same height as a standard paving brick (75mm). The outlet, fitted with a closed cell foam seal,
fits directly into a 110mm underground pipe or any of the equivalent standard fittings.

The removable grid simplifies access for ongoing maintenance.

A range of colours to blend into any environment

Raindrain is available in a range of colours including Clay Brown, Cement Grey, Sandstone, Shrub Green and Black, all blending seamlessly into any environment.  This is the first drainage product specifically designed to match all types of paving and is suitable for courtyards, atriums and domestic driveways.

Tough material that lasts for years

The tough glass-filled nylon used for both the grate and catch-pit is used by the marine industry for exposed items on boats. This material is the hardest of
its type available for outdoor applications and is fully UV stabilised and fade resistant.

Environmentally friendly

Rainwater can be directed into underground pipes or recycled into surrounding gardens.

Unconditional guarantee

The Raindrain is unconditionally guaranteed for the length of time the home is owned by the original owner.

We continually invest in product enhancements and the specifications may change. Please visit our website, for the latest product specifications.

All patent rights are protected under South African common law.