Seamless aesthetics with Turnstar's access control solution project

Turnstar Systems, a renowned leader in the access control industry, recently had the privilege to showcase their exceptional expertise by manufacturing and installing four of their cutting-edge Speedgate Express lanes at the Deloitte head office in Midrand. This iconic building, situated adjacent to the Mall of Africa, stands as a true landmark in the region. Turnstar’s meticulous execution of this project reflects their commitment to precision and excellence.

Deloitte Head Office entrance system

Among the four Speedgate Express lanes, three feature a width of 550mm, while the fourth was intentionally designed to be 900mm wide. This wider lane serves as an accessible entry point for individuals using wheelchairs and facilitates seamless delivery access. This thoughtful approach to inclusivity underscores Turnstar’s dedication to creating solutions that accommodate a diverse range of needs.

Furthermore, Turnstar custom-designed access control readers that were seamlessly inset within the Speedgate cabinets. This integration not only ensures a sleek and elegant appearance but also harmoniously complements the aesthetic of the Deloitte head office building. The attention to detail exhibited in this aspect of the project highlights Turnstar’s commitment to both functionality and aesthetics.

The successful completion of this project stands as a true testament to Turnstar’s unparalleled quality and innovation within the field of physical access control. With their precision, customisation, and commitment to inclusivity, Turnstar Systems continues to set the standard for excellence in the access control industry.

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