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The HydroBoil Pro has undergone a sleek new redesign – with the updated on wall boiling system now renamed, the “HydroBoil Plus”. The wall-mounted, instant boiling water system is now available in a refreshed, sleek white modern new casing and updated display screen, while continuing to deliver safety, durability and reliability.

hydroboil instant boiling water system

Style and design are constantly evolving, and it is our responsibility to evolve too. While the new HydroBoil Plus may look a little different, it is still the same high-performance product that the world knows and loves. The new-look models boast all the benefits of the previous model, saving businesses time, money, space and energy.

instant boiling water

Our HydroBoil Plus delivers instant boiling water at the touch of a tap, so time is no longer wasted waiting for a kettle to boil. As businesses come in various shapes and sizes, the range includes a 3 litre and a 7.5-litre capacity model – delivering up to 50 cups of boiling water at one time – making it simpler to find a suitable product to match your needs.

The energy-efficient design makes these products sustainable and cheap to run, saving businesses money. Advanced boiling water technology and thermostatic temperature control deliver boiling water heated to within 0.5ºC of the set temperature. The range also boasts Zip Water patented twin-chamber boiling water Steam-Heat-Boost™ technology to recycle energy from steam to pre-heat the incoming cold water.

As well as featuring this world-leading energy-saving technology, the wall-mounted HydroBoil range saves space by eliminating the need for kettles so worktops are clutter-free. There’s no need for exposed power leads and with specially developed safety features, including the unique cool touch two-way tap on our HydroBoil Plus model, so users can have complete peace of mind.

Our previous stainless steel models are no longer available, however, with the new range, all models come in our redesigned, modern white casing.

Installed in some of the most well-known buildings and companies in South Africa, including FMI (a Division of Bidvest Life Ltd) Head Office in Ocean Dune, Sibaya – as well as a number of government and private hospitals around the country – our Zip water technology is considered the world’s most advanced water drinking system, setting a new standard across the globe.

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