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Saving resources by re-using wastewater | EDT Water Treatment

EDT wastewater treatment plants

EuroDrain Technology is a company with extensive experience in design, manufacturing, installation and operation of environmental technologies. The company has provided compact wastewater treatment solutions for households, municipal and industrial projects and farms for many years.

EDT has done many wastewater treatment plants in Mozambique

Wastewater treatment plant in Mozambique

EDT wastewater treatment plants offer both below and above ground options. Designed according to the client’s requirements, the plants meet the local effluent specifications of the relevant country’s Water Affairs Departments.

EuroDrain Technology Biological Disks are a development of the RBC technology (Rotating Biological Contractor) and are known for high efficiency in biological treatment. The outstanding advantages of Biological Disks are their high operation reliability at minimal maintenance and their very low power consumption.

The wastewater treatment is performed through three successive treatment stages. The effluent from domestic, agricultural or industrial sources passes a preliminary treatment step where solids are separated out and chemical treatment is applied if necessary. The secondary treatment consists of Biological Disks, and Lamella Separators are used for the final clarification step. Optional advanced treatment can be applied.

Compact module sewage plants

These compact module sewage plants have capacities starting at 6 population equivalents (PE) and clean wastewater of individual houses, housing developments, districts, villages, towns and cities.

Eurodrain installed a wastewater treatment plant in the Kruger Park

EDT wastewater treatment plant in Kruger Park

The modular design of the treatment plants allows the combination with any other treatment process. Thus EuroDrain Technology modules are often used to improve, rehabilitate or to increase the treatment capacity of existing sewage treatment plants.

Decentralised wastewater treatment

EuroDrain Technology Treatment plants meet the effluent requirements of restaurants or hotels, as well as camping sites, golf resorts, etc.

The treated effluent water of many EuroDrain Technology plants is re-used for various applications, such as irrigation (agricultural or landscape purposes), cooling towers, process water or re-usage in buildings (toilet-flushing).

Solutions for industrial and process water

EuroDrain Technology’s highly efficient technology can be adapted to a wide range of applications in domestic, municipal and industrial fields.

The company supplies products and components for the treatment of industrial and process water, as well as individual made-to-measure solutions for these applications.

EuroDrain has developed a comprehensive range of modular components to provide individual solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants. The various components can be arranged according to the local requirements and the wastewater characteristics.

Final clarification and components

Settleable solids can be separated perfectly by the EuroDrain Technology lamella separator. By increasing the surface area, the system needs less space and costs are lower. In addition, it’s less susceptible to troubles and simple to tend. Lamellas are easy to maintain.

The automatic scum removal guarantees a fully automatic operation of the lamella separator.

Together with the several components and the company’s own switch panel manufacturing, EuroDrain Technology offers the know-how for domestic and industrial waste water, as well as process water and leachate.

Modern agricultural

EuroDrain Technology has developed a special biological treatment for liquid manure which aims to remove nutrients such as ammonia, phosphorus and organic compounds; remove odours; and product solid fertiliser.

The system can be adapted to all kinds of manure. It is especially applicable for manure from biogas-production.

Eurodrain wastewater treatment plant installed in Gauteng

EDT wastewater treatment plant – Gauteng

Assembly and installation

All components and treatment plants can be installed as pre-assembled compact units in buildings, underground or in standard containers.

EuroDrain Technology plants are delivered completely assembled and ready for connection on site.

The EuroDrain Technology installation team and in-house trained, certified technicians of its international partners guarantee a quick and high-quality installation, start-up and commissioning.


EuroDrain Technology provides service from the design stage via installation, commissioning and training up to maintenance, extensive spare parts store and after-sales-service. A satisfied customer is the company’s top priority.


There are more than 700 plants in over 30 countries. Projects in southern Africa include:

President’s Office
Maputo, Mozambique

Valpre Spring Water – Coca-Cola
Heidelberg, South Africa

‘The Palms’ Apartments
Maputo, Mozambique

Vila Sol Housing Development
Maputo, Mozambique

Karibu Apartments
Maputo, Mozambique

5 Star Hotel and Conference Centre
Maputo, Mozambique

5 Star Lodge in Kruger Park
Mpumalanga, South Africa

EDT EuroDrain Technology Water Treatment

Unit 1, Lanseria Centre, Pelindaba Road, Lanseria
South Africa

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