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Safety for residents with Flow Systems turnstiles

When arriving at the AFHCO building within the heart of Johannesburg, first impressions are of particularly high quality; a strong, clear purpose and a modern, colourful personality. We met with Brian Abrahams, the Operations Director of AFHCO.

AFHCO started operating in the CBD in 1996 and remains the leading developer and investor in affordable housing and commercial property in the Johannesburg inner-city.

“In the beginning we found that developing properties in isolation (single units and small complexes) in the CBD wasn’t working for us, so we started thinking bigger,” said Abrahams, elaborating by saying, “We felt there was a huge base of people who earn around R6 000 that weren’t being catered for and we identified an opportunity to convert inter-commercial buildings into affordable residential buildings – that was the underlying idea.”

“We started buying up buildings in various areas going through an urban renewal process and set up secure buildings, which help combat the crime – that’s how we began dealing with issues in the area rather than in isolation.” Through identifying profitable emerging trends in Johannesburg, AFHCO’s strategic imperative of community development, social upliftment and targeted inner-city rejuvenation has resulted in them managing over 6 000 residential and commercial property units.

AFHCO’s investments stand as a mark of quality in the rapidly developing Johannesburg city centre. Its residential units are secure, stylish & affordable and its retail space provides opportunities for a range of commercial traders.

Flow Systems biometric turnstiles to control access to inner-city residences

“The biometric turnstiles have ensured that only the people that were supposed to be in the buildings were in the buildings.”

Biometric access control by Flow Systems

We asked Brian: “What are the most rewarding aspects of working at AFHCO?”

“Overall, providing quality accommodation for the people making up the lower end of the market gives residents dignity, which the old apartments couldn’t provide and over the years I believe AFHCO has changed the lives of thousands of people.”

What were the main problems with the buildings that existed before AFHCO developed them?

“Most of the properties that existed before AFHCO renewed them were run-down and did not incorporate effective turnstile systems such as the biometrically controlled ones we installed through Flow Systems Manufacturers – so previously, the residents were far more exposed to crime than they are now.”

What was it like dealing with Flow Systems in terms of deliveries, installations and after sales support?

“The service has been great and the installations have worked well for us – I can’t really say I can fault them on anything; I recommend Flow Systems Manufacturers.”

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