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Boomgate Systems – Warrior Hydraulic Bollards

Boomgate Systems was recently tasked to secure a wine distribution facility in Midrand. The requirement from the client was quite clear… STOP ANY UNWANTED VEHICLES! Boomgate Systems Warrior Hydraulic Bollard can stop the vehicle and continue to work after impact.

Rising bollard installed at a wine distribution facility

A great asset to protect your valuable stock!

To satisfy the customers requirement, Boomgate Systems recommended one in the Warrior Hydraulic Bollard range to be installed. Boomgate Systems has a choice of 6 Automated Bollards to choose from. From a 600mm Intercept Height with 217mm Diameter Bollard up to an 1000mm Intercept Height with a 271mm Diameter Bollard that will stop a Vehicle traveling at 80KmH with a weight of 7500Kg, the Bollard will still function after impact. Offering the most secure solution, without delaying or disrupting the flow of traffic into and out of the distribution Centre.

Boomgate Systems will manage the installation of the bollards from start to finish including all civil and finishing works. Due to compony policy, Boomgate Systems only supply to System Integrators, but we will assist and advise with any enquiry.

Did You Know?  Warrior Hydraulic Bollard:

  • Fully compatible with any form of access control
  • Interlocked with Booms, Spikes or Gates
  • Panic lock-out once activated.
  • 5 sec per operation
  • Crash Rated from K4/K12
  • Manual lowering in the event of power failures.
  • Fast 1 sec closing in case of emergency.
  • 220v single phase motor, or 3-Phase
  • Minimal service works required.
  • Commercial and Industrial use

For any of your security related products, feel free to contact us, to design a system suited to your individual needs:


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