Roof Rats
We vacuum ceilings and clean roofs

Roof Rats is a specialist ceiling vacuuming, roof cleaning, insulation and animal exclusion company.

Our services include:

  • Specialised Cleaning Services
  • Exclusion and pest control
  • Bird Deterrents
  • Insulation Removal and Installation
  • Gutter Guards
  • Sanitising Spray
  • Power washing
  • Gutter Clearing and Skylight Cleaning
  • Waterproofing
  • The Sun Fan
  • Roof Painting
  • Geyser Removal
  • Roof and Ceiling Repairs

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Roof Rats
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Roof Rats
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Roof rats offers the following services: specialised cleaning, exclusion and pest control, bird deterrents, insulation removal and installation, gutter guards, sanitising spray, power washing, gutter clearing, waterproofing, roof painting, geyser removal, roof and ceiling repairs...

Q: Why do we do it?
A: Many years of neglect leads to a build-up of dust, rubbish and other unwanted debris in the roof space. If there has been an animal or bird infestation, there will be a build up of old droppings, carcasses, nests etc. This, when it breaks down into dust, can create a serious health hazard. It is 100% logical to clean this out and then sanitise the roof space.

Q: What can I expect at my premises when I order a “ceiling vacuum”?
Depending on the size of your house it will be a team of between 3 and 8 (or even more for a really big house) fully trained personnel. We will arrive at a time convenient to you – but we normally start at 07:30/08:00. An average sized house will take a team most of the day to complete. All our planning is to be on site for only one day.

Q: Can you disinfect and sterilise my ceiling space?
We have tested and now use a unique product that has been proven to kill 99.9% of known bacteria and fungi. It is a hospital-grade disinfectant which we can apply in a very fine mist-spray to the roof cavity / ceiling area. This will settle on the ceiling boards and roof beams, and in the process will disinfect the entire roof space and remove all odours as well.

Q: Can I get a quote first?
No problem – we can either come out to your premises, or we can measure your house on Google Earth and send you a quote. Our turnaround time on enquiries is usually within 48 hours.

Q: What is ceiling vacuuming?
Exactly what is says – we get into the roof space area between the tiles and ceiling – and then vacuum the ceiling. A team of between 3 and 10 staff will arrive at your premises – this depends on the size of your house – and will work in the roof space with extension cables, lights, vacuum cleaners and some other equipment in order to complete the job within a day.