Tower clocks enhance your shopping centres

Traditional clock faces, referred to as Tower Clocks, still play a very important part in time information on many buildings. Not only do they do the obvious but, done properly, they will enhance and add to your building façade.

Sport and Time tower clocks for shopping centresIt is very important when choosing the right clock and dial for your building or shopping centre that  they are chosen in accordance with the building’s architecture and appearance. At Sport and Time Systems, they customise the clock to your requirements and aesthetic needs, thus incorporating it into the style of the building to provide that added dimension.

From style to shape, to size and colour, everything is possible. From ultra-modern, to more traditional, the elements of your clock dial and hands can express a very wide aesthetic range.

Clock movements

Sport and Time Systems, using specialist parts from BODET, were the first company to supply intelligent tower clock systems, whereby the clock movement is connected directly to the GPS antenna. Thus a totally accurate clock system, were no manual setup or time correction, is created. In the event of power failure, the clock will reset to the correct time automatically.

The company can offer tower clock movements with a dial diameter of 0,5 to 7m.

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