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Good-looking sanitaryware for high-volume usage

Global kitchens and bathroom manufacturer KOHLER, continues to impress the South African market with their collection of progressive fixtures and fittings. With design and innovation at the centre of their offering, they have become the go-to brand on the continent.

KOHLER’s commercial products deliver style and performance that endures. Whether you’re offering plumbing products for institutional or retail applications, KOHLER is your source for hard-working fixtures and mixers of exceptional quality and singular beauty.

Kohler plumbing products for public bathrooms

Product highlights

Built to last, KOHLER’s commercial products are constructed of premium quality materials that withstand high-volume usage and deliver the time-tested performance expected from a longstanding industry leader.

Discover new technology for highly accurate, hands-free performance with no upkeep, such as KOHLER Tripoint™ flushometers. These systems are powered by hybrid energy cells that offer years of hassle-free operation, no maintenance, no moving parts and no need for sunlight.

KOHLER commercial sanitaryware and fittings for shopping mall bathrooms

Operating with a sophisticated electronic sensor, touchless flushometers with Tripoint™ feature highly accurate, dependable performance. With 4 litres per flush for low water consumption, these valves have piston-valve technology that offer reliable and accurate flushing performance across different water pressures.

Sensor operated Bardon urinal from KohlerKOHLER’s range of urinals is offered in a variety of designs combining great looks with water efficiency thanks to flexible flushing options. The most attractive of these is undoubtedly KOHLER’s waterless urinals, saving 40 000 gallons of water per unit per year, an attractive proposition in our water-strained country. The Steward has redefined the paradigm for urinal design and functionality by offering a virtually splash-free surface along with odourless, easy-to-maintain performance.

Coupled with visually-appealing and water-conserving, touchless operation sensors, KOHLER’s commercial solutions are the right choice for every environment.

As to technology, KOHLER’s touchless taps make use of sensors offering both convenience and hygienic benefits. Making use of Response? technology, this means a simple wave of a hand or an object activates a flow of water within milliseconds, avoiding chaos and mess in your sink area.

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