Global parking solutions for revenue generation

Think about the evolution of parking systems, their efficiency and return on investment

Came Parkare South Africa provides a wide range of future-ready solutions to consolidate or improve revenue generation in your car park: Barcode and magnetic stripe tickets, licence plate recognition, payment through credit/debit cards, smartphones with NFC, pre-paid vouchers and online payments.

Solutions for car parks from Came BPT

Together with the ROI of the system, it is also important to make the customer experience easy and pleasant in order to maximise repeat visits.

This is why there are other advanced solutions available, such as:

  • Online discount validation system and cross-selling opportunities
  • “Ticketless” solutions such as:
    • using a credit card to enter, pay and exit
    • using LPR as a virtual ticket
  • “Find My Car” solution
  • Paying by plate at the Automatic Payment Station (LPR required)
  • Manage advertising at the various units to promote special offers, events or new information about the centre
  • Validation of tickets linked to loyalty programs and promotions
  • Advanced Vehicle Guidance System using video cameras, ultrasonic and magnetic ground sensors
  • Pre-booking solutions and integrated payments and validation services
  • Flexible QR codes used for tickets and vouchers read from paper or smartphone screens

Everything is connected and managed by the powerful Lince central management software which provides a large number of statistical analyses and can be integrated with third-party applications. Multiple sites can be managed with personalised vertical solutions.

The system operates with easy maintenance operations and low energy consumption, thanks to the advanced design of the whole system.

The experience of a dedicated Parking System manufacturer since 1980 which has thousands of on-street and off-street installations around the world, is now available in South Africa complemented by a competent technical support and after-sales service.

In terms of references Came Parkare has over 3 000 off-street car parks worldwide, over 20 000 on-street parking meters installed and guidance systems for over 60 000 parking spaces.

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