Polymer Solutions

Rehau is one of the world’s leading polymer producers with more than 15,000 employees at 170 locations worldwide.

Focused on delivering Unlimited Polymer Solutions, it is the premium brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in building solutions, automotive and industry. The companys international growth since it was founded in Germany 60 years ago has been based on expertise and innovative capabilities in materials development, systems design and surface technology. Rehau Polymer (Pty) Ltd was established in South Africa in 1967.

Geothermal Heating Systems

PVC Doors

PVC Window


Thermally efficient uPVC window and door systems

REHAU is 60mm, three chambered system can accommodate 32mm single or double glazing. It easily meets the U-value targets laid down in SANS 204 Energy Efficiency in Buildings. REHAU is uPVC profiles have a large reinforcement chamber which carries a very effective steel reinforcement offering optimum performance for larger windows. The uPVC windows and doors are energy efficient, sound dampening and require little maintenance.

Geothermal heating systems

Used in conjunction with heat pump technology, geothermal systems use the earths subsurface temperature to heat or cool buildings. REHAU is AWADUCT ground-source heating/cooling systems are cost effective methods of utilizing constant renewable energy from subsurface temperature irrespective of external climatic conditions.

Concrete Core Tempering (TABS)

Concrete core tempering (CCT) is based on using the storage capability of structural components. In CCT, the building’s concrete mass is utilized to store heat energy. This allows heating and cooling operations to be carried out at low, resource-saving temperatures. Cooling units can therefore be smaller than conventional air conditioning equipment.

Stormwater management

RAUSIKKO box is an underground stormwater harvesting system for the percolation, retention and storage of rainwater. The unique distribution, inspection and cleaning channel with staggered slots offers ideal water distribution, a rinsable sedimentation area and visual inspection option. RAUSIKKO is loading capacity is SLW60 with a minimum covering of 800mm and up to 4mm installation depth.

Product range for the Industries sector:

Office Furniture manufacturers: Acoustic-line roller shutter profiles, roller shutter profiles, edgeband. REHAU supplies roller shutter profiles for cupboards up to 1.5m high. The Acoustic-line roller shutter is special profile geometry with punched holes along the length of the profile and non-woven fabric inside the profile to absorb sound. The Acoustic-line is suited especially for open plan offices with its absorption capacity of around 75%.  REHAU also supplies PVC roller shutter profiles in uni, woodgrain and high-gloss colours for the manufacture of office furniture. REHAU is edgeband range matches local board companies colours and woodgrains. The edgeband is available in various sizes and thicknesses to suit every application.

Kitchen manufacturers: Metallic Line vertical roller shutter door, Vetro-line glass vertical roller shutter door. The metallic line and Vetro-line glass roller shutter doors come in kit form for easy installation.  The Metallic Line is available in 600×1080, 600×1544, 900×1080 and 900×1544.  The Vetro-line glass roller shutter door is available in 600×1000 and 900×1000.  Other industry-standard sizes are available on request.

Electrical industry: Profila antimicrobial bench trunking. Profila modular perimeter powerskirting, conduit and pvc trunking in industry standard sizes. Profila Powerskirting is a modular system manufactured on PVC.  Profila can be configured into six different assemblies to achieve trunking styles to suit individual requirements.