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uPVC Windows and Doors

REHAU is an international polymer specialist, supplying innovative solutions to the automotive, industrial and construction sectors.

REHAU offers an extensive range of products for uPVC windows and doors, providing you with the right solution for new buildings or refurbishments.  REHAU uPVC windows are energy efficient, highly durable, UV stable and noise attenuating.

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REHAU Polymer
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REHAU Polymer
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You will love the flexibility of the Securi Slide & Fold doors and windows. You can open just the main panel, or fold all the panels to one side for a full opening or even partially slide the panes across the opening for ventilation slits.

REHAU Polymer
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REHAU Polymer
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The REHAU AGILA High Slider has been expertly engineered to offer a broad range of features and benefits guaranteed to complement today's contemporary, open-plan living spaces. The increased door sizes and slim sightlines allow more light than ever to flood your home making our new sliding door the perfect alternative to a multi-fold door. A large choice of panel configurations from 2 sashes up to 6, with the triple track creating a cinematic door with large opening sizes and minimum profile for an ultimate viewing experience. Combined with the low maintenance benefits offered with all uPVC doors systems, REHAU AGILA is really the perfect choice.

REHAU Polymer
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REHAU Polymer
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Rehau's German engineered uPVC windows and doors offer the follow advantages: thermal insulation, security, optimum protection against dust, wind and rain, easy to clean, noise protection and uv stable....

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keyboard_arrow_upREHAU uPVC windows fulfill the mandate
keyboard_arrow_downREHAU uPVC windows fulfill the mandate

KEY FACTS: Location: Nairobi, Kenya System: REHAU 60mm uPVC Window System Architect: Cocoon Studio, Kenya Customs Aluminium, a REHAU Authorised Partner, manufactured high security REHAU uPVC windows and doors for a customer in Nairobi, Kenya.

keyboard_arrow_upREHAU launches Securi Slide & Fold system
keyboard_arrow_downREHAU launches Securi Slide & Fold system

The REHAU uPVC Securi Slide & Fold window and door range is a new generation multi pane system consisting of up to 6 individual single-leaf uPVC panels, giving you unprecedented flexibility. When opening the door or window, you can easily slide each individual pane in a track to create a variety of opening sizes.

keyboard_arrow_upHigh security, energy saving and low maintenance
keyboard_arrow_downHigh security, energy saving and low maintenance

The owner of this residence required new windows and doors to replace the old wooden windows.  His specification was that the new windows and doors be high security, energy efficient and require no maintenance other than the occasional wipe to clean.


keyboard_arrow_upRehau | Securi Slide and Fold
keyboard_arrow_downRehau | Securi Slide and Fold

Open your home to nature and maximise your living space with REHAU’s new Securi Slide & Fold door. This new generation multi pane system consists of up to 6 individual panels, allowing you to easily slide each panel of the door to create a variety of opening sizes. The Securi Slide & Fold door gives […]

keyboard_arrow_upQuiet Home with REHAU Windows Doors Edit
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Quiet Home with REHAU Windows Doors Edit

keyboard_arrow_upSound Insulation with REHAU uPVC Windows
keyboard_arrow_downSound Insulation with REHAU uPVC Windows

Reduce outside noise and make your living area calm and relaxed with REHAU uPVC windows