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Protecting your property: A comprehensive guide to backwater safety

Understanding Backwater

Picture this: torrential rain or a severe flood. Your sewer system is inundated with more water than it can handle. The result? A messy and potentially expensive ordeal where your basement could end up resembling a swimming pool. This phenomenon is what experts refer to as “backwater.”

Manhole cover with overflow of water

Unveiling the Backwater Challenge

In simple terms, backwater occurs when your sewer system is overloaded, causing the sewage level to rise. This excess water finds its way out, sometimes through manhole covers, and in the worst-case scenario, through your basement drains, washbasins, and toilets.

Shielding your space: Backwater protection

The perils of no protection

Imagine heavy rainfall pushing water levels above the backwater threshold, typically the street level. Without backwater protection, your basement becomes a breeding ground for floods, leading to substantial damage and costs.

Embracing backwater protection

Enter the hero of our story: the backwater valve. This simple yet effective device shields your drainage system from backwater havoc. When backwater strikes, the valve’s flap closes, preventing wastewater from entering your property. In cases where the public sewer is higher than your drainage point, a lifting station pumps the wastewater above the backwater level.

Diagram showing how to product protect property from backwater.

Choosing the right backwater protection

To select the perfect backwater valve, you need to consider a few key factors. Let’s break them down:

1. Type of wastewater

Whether it’s sewage-laden water from toilets or cleaner water from showers, the type of wastewater matters. Different backwater valves cater to distinct drainage needs, so identifying the nature of your wastewater is crucial.

2. Installation site matters

Are you renovating an old building, integrating into a new one, or opting for an outdoor solution? Backwater valves offer flexibility in installation locations, catering to your unique situation.

Exposed installation

– Exposed installation

Ideal for retrofitting in older buildings prone to backwater, the exposed installation in existing drainage pipes provides cost-effective and accessible maintenance.

Floor installation of backwater valve system.

– Floor slab installation

Perfect for new buildings, this concealed installation in the basement floor not only safeguards against backwater but also adds aesthetic appeal to your living space.

Installation in the ground through a chamber to prevent backwater.

– Installation in the ground

Innovative solutions now allow for exterior installations. A chamber with an integrated backwater valve placed in front of the building ensures security, adapting to changes in space use.

3. Slope to the sewer

The terrain matters. If your sewer slopes towards the public sewer, backwater valves or hybrid lifting stations are your go-to solutions. Conversely, if the sewer is higher, a lifting station becomes the key player.

4. Number of drainage points

Decide between individual or central protection based on the number of drainage points below the backwater level. Each has its merits, depending on your specific requirements.

5. Wastewater disposal during backwater

Consider if you want the ability to dispose of wastewater even when the backwater valve is closed. Some solutions, like pumps, allow functional drainage even during backwater events.

Wrapping up

In the battle against backwater, knowledge is your best weapon. By understanding the factors influencing backwater protection, you empower yourself to make informed decisions. So, safeguard your property, choose the right backwater valve, and let the rain pour without worry!

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