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Thermguard insulation at the poultry house

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Cellulose Insulation is a particularly efficient poultry house insulation solution. The worst pests in poultry houses are darkling beetles and rodents. Did you know that a single rat eats as much as 10 to 20kgs of feed a year? Infestation of a poultry house by rats or mice can put a major dent in your feed conversion numbers. Rodents also carry and spread bird diseases and can do serious damage to insulation and wiring. Beetles will eat bird rations, bird manure, and dead birds, and are especially dangerous as bird disease spreaders. One larval stage of the darkling beetle loves to burrow into insulation, so you can count lost insulating value as another significant cost of beetle infestation.

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THERMGUARD is treated with additives to make it insect and rodent repellent. These additives, while harmless to humans, are an irritant to rats and mice. Rodents, which generally dwell in the walls and ceilings of the poultry house, will be forced out of those areas by the presence of the insulation. Beetles will still get into the insulation, but they will die within 24 hours. Because cellulose fibre is a loose-fill insulation, the burrowing of the beetles does not affect insulation value. Whereas if an organism burrows through the polystyrene insulation traditionally used in poultry houses, the permanent holes they leave will reduce the efficiency of the insulation considerably.

THERMGUARD will certainly not rid the chicken houses of pests completely, but it will make the areas where they tend to live far less habitable. Rodents will have far fewer places to hide and the death of the darkling larvae will vastly alleviate the issues they cause farmers. You will also never need to replace the insulation as it is impervious to damage from pests.

So when faced with the decision of which product to use to moderate the temperature of your poultry house, Thermguard is the only logical choice.

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