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Polymers Waterproofing is the Southern African distributors for Alchimica, Bituver and Conecto.

ALCHIMICA is a dynamic manufacturer specializing in the development and production of speciality polyurethane materials for construction and industrial applications. For over 35 years, ALCHIMICA has successfully provided products and services to architects, engineers, home builders, contractors and building owners worldwide.

We offer a full range of special solutions and customised products in the following categories throughout the building:

    • Foundations
    • Wet rooms, under tile
    • Balconies and terraces
    • Flooring Products
    • Roof Waterproofing
    • Water Tanks
    • Car Parks
    • Ponds and water features

Bituver produce bitumen polymer membranes for waterproofing of flat and pitched roof, bridges and viaducts, earth retention walls and foundations, answering to all requirements thanks to every type of membranes: traditional, auto-adhesive, thermo-adhesive, light, root-proof, dimpled, and other special products.

Conecto is a well-known brand of expansion joints. Buildings of large dimensions are increasingly being developed where expansion joints use to cover structural slits

Brochures / Datasheets

Terraco Product Catalogue

Terraco product catalogue includes Handycoat Exterior, Handycoat EZ-Skim interior, Handycoat DP, Weathercoat GP, Weathercoat 412 and Maxi Roof Coating.

Bituver | Cool Roof Solutions | Polymers Waterproofing

Bituver Cool Roof Solutions offer a comprehensive range of polymer-based waterproofing supplies designed to provide effective protection against water intrusion. These innovative products not only safeguard your structures but also reduce heat absorption, making them ideal for combating the heat effect and promoting energy savings.

Conecto Expansion Joints / Profiles | Polymers Waterproofing

Conecto Expansion Profiles, provided by Polymers Waterproofing Supplies, offer specialized components crucial in managing concrete structure cracking and shrinkage. With variants like Conecto PARK GA, PARK SI 190.30, and more, these profiles cater to specific needs such as watertight joints in car park structures, enhanced structural support, and maintenance of flooring integrity. These profiles are indispensable for ensuring the longevity and durability of concrete structures, especially in areas like car parks and building interiors where minimizing cracks and addressing expansion is essential.

Hyperdesmo Waterproofing

HYPERDESMO is a liquid polyurethane with the advantages of high elongation, easy application and EOTA certification. Liquid polyurethane waterproofing systems are cold applied products that offer many advantages particularly where seamless systems are desired; either structurally or aesthetically, and for geometrically complicated connections with ventilation outlets or upturns on parapet walls. These systems cure with the humidity in the atmosphere to yield seamless membranes with long-term flexibility and UV stability.

Polymers Waterproofing Supplies

Polymers Waterproofing South Africa, Apex Road, Choolorkop,
Kempton Park
South Africa

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