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Two in one with IsoBoard insulated ceilings

While IsoBoard Thermal Insulation is white and washable, it does possess a translucent quality. In exposed applications that have a high aesthetic component, or are otherwise close to the eye-line, IsoBoard definitely recommends that you paint the product.

IsoBoard ceiling insulation acts both as a ceiling board and offers thermal insulation benefits

During transport and handling, IsoBoard may develop a surface static electric charge that will attract dust. But all is not lost. To remove this static charge, we suggest you wipe the board with a soft cloth and a solution of water and fabric softener. This mixture is made up of 1 cap full of fabric softener to every 10 litres of water.

If the static charge is not removed, the board may become dirty from airborne pollutants sticking to the surface, which will need to be washed off.

Once dry you can apply an initial coat of a high-quality cellulose filler to repair any surface scratches and/or damage arising from transportation and/or installation. IsoBoard themselves have achieved excellent results with Painters Mate and can definitely recommend it.

Thereafter you can apply two coats of premium water-based paint and/or wood stain. Since IsoBoard does not absorb the paint, you can expect coverage similar to an average ceiling.

Be aware that it is much easier to paint the board before installation and, if required, to touch up once the board is in place.

Depending on your personal preference and style, you can even apply paint techniques to create a wood-like finish.

Below you’ll find some samples of what can be achieved with IsoBoard and a lick of paint.

IsoBoard ceiling insulation is a versatile ceiling board that can be painted to match any interiorWhether you’re looking to create a cosy country cottage, an urban jungle, a rustic industrial loft, or a sophisticated space with modern minimalist accents, IsoBoard ceiling insulation can be painted to match the style that speaks to your soul.

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