OLED lighting now available

Verbatim launched the world’s first commercially available, colour tunable organic LED (OLED) lighting panels at Fuori Salone in Milan in April. The OLEDs are based on unique materials technology developed by Verbatim’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Group. As one of the world’s major chemical companies Mitsubishi has over 50 years’ experience in developing lighting materials. Full-scale production of the OLED panels will start from July.

At the show Verbatim demonstrated its colour tunable and white tone tunable OLED panels which measure about 140mm by 140mm – thought to be the biggest available to date. The OLEDs, branded Velve, produce a soft light, free from glare and with deeply saturated colours. They do not contain hazardous materials and are very efficient, producing 28 lumens per Watt output at 1 000 cd/m2 with accurate colour rendering. Colour tuning and white tone tuning allow the mood of a space to be changed to suit its functions at different times. For example, it can be changed from a workspace requiring bright, cool light, to a place of relaxation with warm, subdued lighting.

The panels are designed for general lighting, furniture lighting and other applications and Verbatim sells the OLEDs directly to original equipment manufacturers in these sectors.

The company is also offering two development products: a sample kit which can be used by lighting engineers and development engineers to evaluate the OLED product; and an OLED module complete with colour and white tone tunable interfaces. These are available from Verbatim, direct.

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