Weather protection from sturdy awnings

Reboss-Awnings-shade-&-shelterReboss Awnings are designed to be architecturally pleasing, with aesthetics, durability and performance in mind. Designed to protect windows, doors, patios and shopfronts from the elements, they are available with clear polycarbonate, bronze-tinted polycarbonate, or aluminium composite boards.

The awnings with clear polycarbonate panels provide protection from rain and hail but allow natural sunlight through while blocking the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays – so protecting doors, windows, curtains, blinds, carpets and other interior furnishings.

The bronze-tinted polycarbonate awnings provide protection from rain and hail but allow 50% of the sunlight through and block 50% of the heat as well as the damaging ultraviolet rays. The awnings with aluminium composite board provide protection from the rain as well as blocking the sunlight completely.

The brackets are made either of engineered PVC, which is UV-stabilised and is available in grey or black, or of aluminium, which can be powder coated in any colour to suit design needs.

Reboss Awnings are supplied in depths of 600mm, 700mm or 1 000mm and can be joined together to cover any width. They provide an elegant and affordable awning solution and are easy to install. The manufacturer offers on-site quotations at no cost and has a team of trained installers who can carry out installations. The awnings can also be purchased as DIY kits.

Reboss Awnings are manufactured to high quality specifications and are weatherproof, easy to maintain and sturdy – they can withstand category 12 typhoons.

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