SA-developed maintenance-free windows

Durop windows are available in a range of vertically and horizontally opening units.Newly launched in South Africa, Durop windows combine the classic look of wooden windows with the maintenance-free advantages of aluminium windows.

Durop windows have been developed in South Africa to cater for the specific needs and conditions of the local market. The windows are made of optimised pine, encapsulated with Duropolymere®. This hard-wearing material, coated with a UV- and fade-resistant colour, ensures that Durop windows are totally maintenance-free.

“This is the main advantage of Durop Windows,” says managing director Carsten Hoppe. “The use of Duropolymere means the windows are unaffected by the weather. This material is non-porous, preventing water penetration, and remains resistant to micro-organisms. As a result, the windows offer 100% stability – no warping, swelling or shrinking. This is a huge benefit in the Cape winters.”

In South Africa’s climate, conventional wooden windows need annual maintenance. “Sun, cold, heat, saltwater and rain can affect the colour and deform traditional wooden windows,” Hoppe continues, “in turn affecting their appearance and their functionality. Durop windows do not require any maintenance work, so the homeowner can have the wooden look and feel, with a saving in cost, time and effort.”

Durop windows have been SABS Weatherometer tested and certified for quality assurance. The windows are supplied with a 10-year guarantee.

They are supplied pre-coloured, pre-sealed and already fitted with a damp-proofing course (DPC). In addition, to ensure the windows are fully maintenance-free, Durop provides solid brass handles and stainless steel window stays.

Duropolymere was developed by materials technologist Mike Symons, whose work with resins, fibres and composites started in the mid 1990s, culminating in the product that Durop has since developed as a team. The recipient of the Innovation Award in 2002 from the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers, Symons has been awarded more than 35 international patents.

Symons says, “Durop windows were developed over a period of 10 years, using the latest technical expertise. All our products have undergone extreme testing, including exposure to saltwater, UV rays, intense heat and cold for over 7 500 hours. The development process has taken a long time, but we wanted to create a truly premium product for the South African market.”

He adds, “Another advantage of Durop windows is that we have used optimised material, no rainforest hardwoods, and all our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa.”

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