Robust traffic doors for Sandton City refurbishment

Designed to endure heavy traffic and high impact, the Apex SR 9000 door provides easy access for pedestrians and equipment.Architects designing the refurbishment and extension of Sandton City selected Apex SR 9000 Impact Traffic Doors for passages between stores as the heavy-duty insulated impact traffic doors would be able to withstand the incessant passage of goods and people.

Graeme Jones, contract director at Grinaker-LTA, which is undertaking the massive upgrade in a joint venture with WBHO, says that 70% of the project has been completed under extremely challenging circumstances. “All work has to be undertaken at night, between 21h00 and 06h00, allowing for cleanup before shops open for business in the morning and ensuring that all businesses can operate uninterruptedly.”

The back passages, where deliveries take place and goods are transported on trolleys and pallets, are just as extensive as the public areas and carry a high volume of traffic. The doors separating passages have to meet specific requirements in terms of safety, long-life, resistance to physical abuse, efficiency, insulation and even aesthetics.

The Apex SR 9000 was considered the only option. Nineteen of these doors have been installed in the first refurbishment phase and over a dozen more will be installed in phases two and three.

Designed to endure heavy impact, the Apex SR 9000 door provides ease of access for pedestrians and equipment and is used extensively in supermarkets, hospitals, airports, laboratories and similar situations. Safety is enhanced by the clear windows which are scratch- and abrasion-resistant, providing unrestricted views.

Robust but lightweight the door swings easily under its own weight. Its polyurethane insulation guarantees effective temperature control. The seal complements the insulated core, reducing temperature exchange between environments. The patented honeycomb framework adds to the door’s stability and superior soundproofing qualities. High bumpers fitted to the door panels absorb impact from man-ridden vehicles, pallets and trolleys and reduce stress on hardware and mount assemblies. Excessive wear on edges is prevented by the bull-nose design of the door panels.

The doors require minimal maintenance and they retain their physical properties, even in temperatures as low as minus 400C.

According to Jones, the installation was professionally undertaken by Apex’s expert team. “The doors were manufactured to specific client requirements,” he says. “The new tiling is slightly thicker than the original tiles, which reduced the openings. Apex manufactured the doors to precisely the right clearance and there was not a single instance where the size of the door leaf was inaccurate. Installation was entirely hassle-free.”

Apex has a network of qualified agents throughout South Africa who offer technical and installation support within required time lines.

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