Physical barriers a key security measure

Roll-Up-Serranda-roller-shutter-door-retail“The most obvious way to avoid crime is to prevent criminals from getting inside your premises in the first place. To stop them in their tracks one needs reliable barriers on external openings, making it impossible to break through,” says Kevin Bonner, sales and marketing executive for Roll-Up Serranda.

The company manufactures roller shutters ranging from simple manually operated steel doors to semi-intelligent high-end automated aluminium products. The choice depends on site-specific requirements, such as risk profile, type of premises, location, preferred method of operation and performance expectations.Retail stores, for example, need attractive products with high visibility for security and to allow merchandise to be visible after hours. Roller shutters must be rolled up out of sight during working hours, keeping the entrance clear and unhindered. The doors must be quick and easy to operate so that staff don’t struggle under pressure during emergencies. Some stores also require a choice of key holder options for managers as a security feature.

Roller shutters exposed to the elements are treated differently because tampering factors, weatherability and ease of operation are important. Features such as a rubber weather-seal strip to prevent water seepage are fitted as standard with many of Roll-Up Serranda’s products, but are often ‘added extras’ within the roller shutter industry.

High risk locations like banks require high frequency operation doors linked to sophisticated security systems. Roll-Up Serranda has designed and installed customised roller shutters to protect ATMs countrywide. Added security measures can protect against petrol bomb attacks, fire or gas leaks.

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