Wide open options in windows and doors

Windcolor's Windfit - seen here - and Windslide systems were used recently in the new Mamelodi SchoolSA-based Duro Pressings recently acquired Windcolor, a well established business that has been operating in South Africa and Botswana over the past 30 years. This acquisition complements the Duro Group’s existing product range with an exclusive window and door system.

Windcolor is an integrated system of cold-rolled galvanised steel sections, fittings and gaskets for making windows, doors and doorframes. The Windcolor system allows the architect or designer to design windows and doors in almost any size and any colour.

The system itself has been designed with an Italian sensitivity to detail and consideration of all fenestration needs: strength, durability, reliability, functionality of all fittings, air and watertight properties, heat and sound insulation, fire resistance, protection, easy and quick installation and low maintenance.

A winning feature of the Windcolor system is the strength of the cold-rolled tubular steel sections. This gives architects and designers the flexibility to create larger window and door openings than other materials – such as aluminium and hot-rolled steel sections – allow. The system’s slender sections do not compromise the structural performance of the product, but create more elegant and bright windows and doors.

Manufactured from galvanised, pre-painted, powder-coated sections, Windcolor products are corrosion resistant and low maintenance. The windows and doors incorporate an integrated glazing system that can accommodate various types of glass and units are supplied fully glazed, easy to install.

All openings are fitted with sealing gaskets to eliminate drafts and enhance energy savings, and double glazing can be accommodated to reduce the u-value (heat transfer) of units. All sections and components are 100% recyclable.

Within the versatile Windcolor range, the slender-frame Windfit system offers various window options, fixed panels and curtain walling, as well as inward or outward opening single or double doors and swing doors. The Windslide system offers horizontal sliding windows and doors in various configurations.

All products in the range have been performance tested and conform to the National Building Standards.

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