Automatic door and window systems – investing in SA

The Geze vetroslide all-glass sliding door system – one of the products on display at the company’s new Midrand showroom.DCLSA Distributors (Pty) Ltd, which has been part of the Geze company since 1997, supplies DCLSA locks and locksets and is the South African distributor of Geze automatic door and window systems and related technologies. DCLSA Distributors (now GEZE Distribution)  has recently restructured and, from April 2010, is operating with two companies in South Africa: DCLSA Distributors (Pty) Ltd, handling the DCLSA product range and serving the commodity market, and Geze Distribution (Pty) Ltd, handling the Hoppe and Exidor brands and the whole Geze GmbH product range for the architectural market.

Kevin Diamond, managing director of Geze SA said, “This restructuring creates opportunities for both DCLSA and Geze SA to move closer to our customers and strengthen our position in the South African market.”

Geze is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of construction systems for door, window and safety technology. It offers a comprehensive range of products that includes automatic door systems and door technology, glass systems, smoke and heat extraction systems, safety technology, as well as window and ventilation technology.

DCLSA Distributors (Pty) Ltd imports and assembles locks and locksets. It supplies a range of commodity products, including locks, normal and master-keyed cylinders, locksets, door furniture and ironmongery, mainly to suppliers, merchants and wholesalers serving the building industry.

The two companies are united in their goal to better satisfy customer needs with two streamlined strategies supporting the distribution of differentiated products tailored to their respective market sectors.

This restructuring comes with a significant investment in the SA operation from the German parent company Geze GmbH. It includes a new showroom, now open at the company’s headquarters in Midrand, that displays the complete Geze product range in fully functional demonstration installations. Joachim Schultz, managing director, sales, of Geze Germany, who attended the official announcement and the opening of the showroom, said, “We view the South African market as one of the key emerging markets and our investment over the long term into this area is substantial.“

Diamond added that the showroom is open to all the company’s customers and partners. “Merchants can make use of it for training; architectural students can come and see the products in working applications; and architectural practices are invited to send staff to attend accredited CPD (continuing professional development) training on architectural ironmongery and the full range of Geze products. This is an investment that can benefit all players in the industry,” he said.

The showroom is designed to meet the requirements of architects and specifiers who want to gain a better understanding of the products and how they can be used. Working installations of Geze products include overhead door closers, floor springs, automatic doors, manual sliding doors, patch fittings, and a RWA smoke and heat extraction system. Architects and specifiers can see, touch and feel the products and obtain a working knowledge of key factors for the specification of doors and windows in various building applications.

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